Conference Gifts Made in Hawaii
"Hawaiian Treats Assortment"
"Send a Smile from Hawaii" to brighten someone's day!
Made with 100% Hawaiian Chocolate and lots of local ingredients.

 Assortment Suggestion ( includes 2 gift boxes) :
( Custom Selections available).

BOX 1 : Approx. 8x8x 1 1/2 Black Gloss Premium Gift Box
1 package chocolate dipped Nut Clusters ( 8 ea)
1 package hand-made Truffles 4 ea.
    ( May contain Grand Marnier, Amaretto, Hawaiian Rum, Cocoa Bean)
* Select truffles w/ or w/o alcohol.
1 package chocolate covered Macadamia Nuts (6 ea.)
1 package chocolate dipped Mango
1 package chocolate hearts ( 8 ea. )
1 package Hawaiian Sea Salt Macadamia Nuts
Box 2 - 4x4x4 Black Gloss Premium Gift Box
1 box ( 1 dozen) Hawaiian Cookie Assortment .
    Individually packaged
   Made with local ingredients such as Hawaiian Chocolate,
    Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts, Hawaiian Vanilla,
    Hawaiian Cane Sugar, Hawaiian Eggs.

- Click on picture to see full view -

** Items could be provided in a single taller 8x8 x3 box instead of 2 separate boxes
** items can be easily substituted with alternate items if client desires.  The above is just a suggestion
to start with.  Just let us know your budget and what you prefer, and we
** we can create a custom assortment for you.
** Other color boxes may be available if client prefers a different look, however, 
black, red and gold are our company colors.  We are always open to special requests for custom packaging.

Custom Gift Assortment:


Our Cookies, Candies, and other island treats are perfect gifts for the attendees of your next conference or event

The most Southern Artisan Boutique Bakery & Chocolatier in the U.S. Located in Volcano Village on the Big Island of Hawaii
The Best Thing in
Volcano since Fire"  

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Hawaiian Chocolate
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Hawaiian Chocolate Dipped Nut Clusters
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Hawaiian Chocolate Hearts

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