Hawaiian Cookie Assortment Gift Box
 Fresh Baked - Delicious - Crunchy

Made with Hawaiian Vanilla, Hawaiian Cane Sugar, Hawaiian Eggs, Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts, Hawaiian Cocoa Beans, Hawaiian Chocolate,  and always 100% Real Butter  

2 ea. Coco Bean Cookies

2 ea. Chocolate Chunk Cookies

1 ea. Smiley Face Cookies

2 ea. Macadamia Nut Cookies

1 ea. Sugar Crunch Cookies

2 ea. Macadamia Nut & Chocolate Chip Cookies

 Delicious Crunchy  ORIGINAL HAWAIIAN Cookies

If you like cookies and enjoy a variety of different flavors or are just not sure which flavor is your favorite, then our Cookie Assortment of our crunchy fresh baked Hawaiian Cookies is just perfect for you. 

Our variety gift box contains a total of 10 of our  most favorite cookies:

1 Aloha Smile Cookies    
2 Hawaiian Chocolate Cookies
2 Macadamia Nut Cookies  
2 Cocoa Bean Cookies
1 Sugar Crunch Cookies  
2  Macadamia & Chocolate Chip Cookies

TOTAL of 10 Large Crunchy Delicious Cookies ( We reserve the right to substitute flavors of cookies as necessary, depending on our production schedule and to make sure your order goes out promptly). 

As soon as our cookies are cool enough we package  them individually to seal in the fresh baked flavor.  This insures our cookies are fresh and delicious upon arrival to your home as the day they were made.

 All our cookies are then packaged in our deluxe high gloss premium gift box that makes for a luxury presentation and a stunning gift. We even add a beautiful luxurious ribbon.  A perfect gift for yourself, or for the special someone in your life

Big, Crunchy, Delicious Hawaiian Cookies

Baked Fresh Daily



" Gourmet Luxury Gifts with the True Taste Of HAWAII "


The most Southern Artisan Boutique Bakery & Chocolatier in the U.S. Located in Volcano Village on the Big Island of Hawaii
The Best Thing in
Volcano since Fire"  

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Hawaiian Fresh Baked Cookies:

Cookie Assortment Gift Box

 Original Hawaiian Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Hawaiian Coco Bean
Hawaiian Macadamia
Nut Cookies
Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sugar Crunch Cookies
Aloha Smile Cookies

Hawaiian Chocolate Collection:

Hawaiian Chocolate Truffles
Hawaiian Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts
Hawaiian Chocolate Bars
Hawaiian Chocolate Covered Marshmellows
Hawaiian Chocolate
Sports Medallion
Hawaiian Chocolate Dipped Nut Clusters
Hawaiian Chocolate Hearts
Hawaiian Chocolate Lolipops
Hawaiian Chocolate Hearts


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