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There are some wonderful wedding location right in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and our surrounding area.  Here are some suggestions for you to look at:

This is a great spot right close to Halemaumau Crater at the Kialuea Overlook.  It is a quiet spot to the side of the regular overlook where tourist go, but this area can be "very" windy, so one should be prepared for this when it comes to clothing or things being carried that can blow away, or when it comes to the bride, regarding hair style for the ceremony.

This is the short trail leading from the Kialuea Overlook Parking Lot to the viewing side. 

Makes for a nice little walk to the ceremony site.


This is the Kilauea Iki Overlook.  In the distant background you can see the steam from Halemaumau Crater at the Jaggar Museum. From this overlook it is a nice short walk to Thurston Lava Tube, which is a great walk to take after you get married, and you get to go through a real lava tube.

This is the area at the kilauea iki overlook where we can hold the ceremony.  We can even put up an harbor and flowers, etc. to decorate the area.  Note that this is a popular stop for tourists, so you might have a few or a lot of witnesses to your wedding, depending on the time of day selected for your ceremony.  Early morning before 9:30 and after 4PM this tends to be a quiet spot.

This view is from the back of Volcano House overlooking Halemaumau Crater and Mauna Loa (our 2nd biggest mountain ) to the right.

This is a typical trail in the lush green side of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  Going down a trail there are always little areas that are perfect for a private and serene place for a ceremony.  Typically there might be a hiker or two passing by, but very few of the tour or bus tour people take these trails as they don't have the time on their day tour.

 If you like Lava , we can drive down chain of crater's road and you can stand in the middle of some of the newest land on earth. After the ceremony we can then take a drive to the ocean where you can see a beautiful see arch.

See Arch at the end of Chain of Crater's Road.

As a back up location , for weather reasons, Hilo is only a 1/2 hour drive.  The Japanese Garden in Hilo is a great place for a ceremony due to its picturesque details and being right at the ocean.  There are some very large trees making for a great ceremony location.

The Japanese Garden has some great features, perfect for a ceremony.  Take a look at this wonderful bridge.. there is also a red pavilion in the background that is amazing.. more pictures coming soon.


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