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The Stories of people that have returned 
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It is an old legend that taking lava rocks from Hawaii results in being followed by bad luck.  Here are some of the stories people have sent to us.  If you would like to add your story, please EMAIL US  and we will post it on this page.   Aloha!

I am sending your land back.  Once back in L.A., I realized how terrible it was to steal your Volcano,  My apololgies.  Thank You, Kristen, L.A., CA

Since returning to Canada from Maui in December of 1999 we have had no thing but bad luck.  Please return these lava rocks to the Goddess Pele.  We did not know of the legend when we took the rocks, but have certainly learned since that taking the rocks can bring misfortune.  We are building a house and since returning home from Hawaii have discovered that the basement floor has heaved.  All of the interior walls have had to be re-straightened.  All of the windows cam in the wrong sizes.  Yesterday one of the workers put a nail  through his wrist.  This morning my father-in-law fell off of his roof and broke several ribs - he's going to be alright.  Please return these rocks!!  Thank you. M.K., Bothwell, CANADA

Please see that our lava and sand is respectfully returned tot he goddess.  The friends that brought them to me from their trip meant no harm.   Larry & Robin

We took these rocks during a recent trip & want to return them.  Sorry   Richmond Heights, OH

I have enclosed three lava rocks that my husband and I brought back from our honeymoon in July of 1997.  Please help us retune these rocks to their proper place.  F.&K., Lake Orion, Michigan

My mom brought this back to me from Hawaii, knowing that I like rocks - but not knowing about Pele.  I treasured the rock until I found your website - so I can send her home.  C.M., Kansas City, KS

I was visiting the Big Island of Hawaii with my family in February of this year.  We brought back with us a few small pieces of volcano rock.  After we arrived back home we learned that the volcano rocks from Hawaii are not to be removed from the island.  I am therefore returning the rocks to Hawaii.  It would be very kind of you if you could return these rocks to their original homeland.  Your help is much appreciated.  Please accept my thanks in advance.    A visitor to Hawaii, San Jose, CA 

My family took this lava rock as a mementos of a lovely trip.  Returning it to you after much bad luck.  Hope this will turn things around for us.   P&J, Arlington Heights, IL

Please accept our apologies and return the enclosed lava back to the State Park.  We honestly took the lava unknowingly aware of the legends of the island, and by no means meant any disrespect to the native beliefs of the island.     Schofield, HI

Thank you for returning the green sand to Green Sand Beach and since you did so, it appears good fortunes are on the horizon.   TGSMW", CA

Thanks by helping us to return the lava rock.  Our bad luck is on the economic, where my wife and me had lossed money in this time frame.  We appreciate your help. Jose and Claudia, Mexico

Dear Pele, Hawaiian Fire Goddess and Creator of Lava,
Although we greatly appreciated the souvenir Lava that was given to me as a gift from a friend, I feel it is best at this time to return your property to you.   In exchange for returning this Lava we would apprecaite any bad luck that we have been experiencing over the last couple years end as soon as possible.  Thank you and looking forward to the future.
RJ and his MPS Friends, Michigan

The enclosed rocks came from Black Sand Beach in Maui.  I got them while on my honeymoon in March of this year.  Since obtaining them, I have had more terrible things happen than one person should have to handle.  I have been advised by a friend to return the stones.  I was unaware of the folklore surrounding lava stones.  Please put these some place acceptable.  They are not happy with me.  Thanks   LD, Ohio

An Aunt of my dad's gave him this lava rock pen holder years ago.  Thank you so much for bringing them back.   Sincerely, JN

Dear Hawaii, please return this lava rock to the goddess. Thank you.

Enclosed some Lava Rocks taken off of Maui by my husband.  Anyway he also took some sand from the black sand beach and Hana Bay.  I hope you will return this as well.  I think it would be considered from Lava.  Better safe than sorry.  Thank you, NC, California

We woul dlike to return these lava rocks my wife picked up while we were on vacation in 1998.   D&B C, California

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