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Here are a few samples of different things we have seen on Kilauea. We're trying to keep the clips as short and compressed as possible so they don't take too long to load.

Video of eruptive activity


Lava pours over Wilipea sea cliff into the sea, Mother's Day flow, Kilauea volcano, Hawai`i July 21, 2002; 6:00 a.m. Lava spills over Wilipe`a sea cliff and across boulders into the sea.


Lava pours over lip of Wilipea sea cliff, Mother's Day flow, Kilauea volcano, Hawai`i July 21, 2002; 6:00 a.m. Close view of lava spilling over the lip of Wilipe`a sea cliff.


Lava in the surf zone, Mother's Day flow, Kilauea volcano, Hawai`i July 21, 2002; 6:10 a.m. Close view of wave crashing over lava in the surf zone.


Lava cascades into sea, Mother's Day flow, Kilauea volcano, Hawai`i Lava cascades down sea cliff on July 19, 2002, 3.5 hours after Mother's Day flow reached to the sea.


Video of eruptive activity
Advancing front of `a`a flow from rootless shield, Kilauea volcano, Hawai`i A`a lava flow on 23 February
Lava fountains during the 1997 fissure eruption (QT, 260Kb)
Close up of lava splashing in a spatter cone (QT,300Kb)
Lava falls (avi, 265Kb)
HVO scientists in front of huge dome fountains, February 1, 1996 (290Kb)
Giant littoral bubbles formed by the interaction of lava and water (avi, 163Kb)
Explosions of spatter as lava hits the ocean and forms a littoral cone (avi, 207Kb)
Lava pouring from spatter cone vent, some splashing (QT, 210Kb)
(QT, 374Kb) (avi, 365Kb) (avi, 420Kb) (avi, 553Kb) A'a flow knocking down tree


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