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Hawaiian Style Quilted Bed Spreads, Wall-Hangings, 
Pillow Slips, and more...

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We are just working on adding many new items .. if you are looking for something you don't see here,
please email us or call us at 808-987-0920 and we will be happy to see if we can help you.  

 Plumeria Hawaiian Quilt Bed Spread
Bed Spreads

Bird of Paradise Hawaiian Quilt Wall Hanging 42" X 42"
Wall Hangings

Hawaiian Quilt Pillow Slips
Quilted Pillows



Hawaiian Potholders and other items for the Kitchen Hand Quilted or Embroidered Pot Holders and Oven Mits

Care and Storage of Quilts

  • Never place quilts in rooms that receive a lot of sun or have extreme temperatures or humidity.  Quilts should be kept at normal room temperature.

  • Quilts should not come in direct contact with wood or brown stains could appear.  Wrap quilts in acid-free paper to store or line a shelf or armoire with paper first.

  • Rotate and refold quilts often.  Every three to six months quilts should be changed to a new position to avoid damage at the crease.  Air quilts every few months to remove musty smell.

  • Quilts should be cleaned periodically to remove dust, hair, and pollen.  Use your vacuum's upholstery attachment covered with a nylon or cheesecloth to protect the quilt fibers.




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