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Lava Rock Returned to Hawaii!
It is believed that taking lava rocks from Hawaii might result in being followed by bad luck. Just in case!...
The rocks shown on this page have been returned to Hawaii by the people who wrongfully took them. 
The lava rocks were returned to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where "Pele",  
the Hawaiian Fire Goddess and Creator of Lava resides.

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* Here are the newest pictures of the rocks that where returned:

lavarock 063000.jpg (137056 bytes)
 Schofield, HI
lavarock 053100.jpg (129603 bytes)
Kristen, L.A, CA
lavarock 052500.jpg (135631 bytes)
L.&R. G.
lavarock 050200.jpg (109220 bytes)
C.M., Kansas City, KS
lavarock 052000.jpg (161803 bytes)
Coffee Plant with Lava Rock
lavarock 050000.jpg (119906 bytes)
Wappingers Falls, NY
lavarock 042400.jpg (127442 bytes)
K.&F..B., Lake Orion, MI
lavarock 042100.jpg (144281 bytes)
Dawsonville, Georgia
lavarock 041300.jpg (133615 bytes)
P.C., Toms River, NJ
lavarock 040500.jpg (117684 bytes)
M.K., Bothwell, CANADA
lavarock 040400.jpg (119197 bytes)
P. & J., Arlington Heights, IL
lavarock 040200.jpg (134827 bytes)
San Jose, CA
lavarock 032700.jpg (120773 bytes)
Richmond Heights, OH
2000Lava15.jpg (45589 bytes)
LRC, Fairfax, VA
2000Lava17.jpg (7428 bytes)
Cedarhurst, NY
2000Lava14.jpg (44607 bytes)
M&S.B., Cupertino, CA
2000Lava10.jpg (37689 bytes)
J.F., Forest Hill, NY
2000Lava2.jpg (48442 bytes)
M.K., Vinemont, AL
2000Lava16.jpg (42512 bytes)
Mililani, HI
2000Lava5.jpg (46152 bytes)
A.&A.M, New Jersey
2000Lava8.jpg (41212 bytes)
Frederiction, CANADA
2000Lava4.jpg (45478 bytes)
G.F., Troy, MO
2000Lava3.jpg (43863 bytes)
CB, Cresskill, NJ
2000Lava6.jpg (39784 bytes)
J.M., Damariscotta, ME
2000Lava7.jpg (38985 bytes)
P.A., Concord, CA
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