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 We started using a "penny" in each picture to give you an idea of the size of the rocks returned...


Please accept this Lava Rock and Sand that I brought home while visiting Oahu and Maui in March of 1996. At the time I did not know of the Hawaiian legend behind visitors, like myself, wrongfully taking Lava rock home as a souvenir. Since 1996, I could not begin to list all the turmoil encountered by my family and myself Every month there seems to be a new crisis. Since 1996, I had heard about the bad luck you will encounter by taking Lava rock from Hawaii, but didn't really think me returning it would make my life at peace. Well now it is time to tell. I am tired of the constant stress and turmoil surrounding my family, like we have a black cloud constantly hanging over our heads. I am so thankful I found this website to return this lava rock and sand to its rightful place. Accept my apology for removing this rock and sand from the beautiful islands of Hawaii. I someday hope to come back and visit the islands again, only next time, I will not be bringing this type of souvenir home with me. Thank you taking this and returning it to the islands. Sincerely, DAB, Cottage Grove, MN

Please return the enclosed lava rock to Madam Pele. It was taken from Volcano park on Big island and given to us by a friends of ours in summer of 1998. They were not aware of any harm they might have done. After awhile they heard about Madame Pele imd told us. I can't say that all that time we had such a bad luck, but we definitly have gone through some serious hard times. We are truly sorry and hope that we will be forgiven for keeping this rock for a long time. Thank you. A.M. & H.M. Houston, TX 


Oh my God! (or goddess) Please take this back ASAP. We are Sooooo Sorry! Love, P. & S.S., Vancouver, WA

Please accept this donation sent along with this lava rock pendant. We offer our sincerest apologies for the removal of the rock to Madame Pele. We are not sure whether it was our parents or grand parents that kept the stone, but we have had bad luck cast on two generations. If Pele would please forgive us our disrespect and ignorance, we would be eternally grateful. Sincerely, R.M.C., Wrightsville Beach, NC

Enclosed is a donation for the Volcano National Park. Thank you very much. Sincerely C.R., North Hollywood, CA

Unfortunately, there is not too much of a story to tell. My wife and I picked this up while honeymooning on the Big Island in June of 1990. I believe we found it close to the coast where the lava flows meet the ocean in Volcano National Park. I think it was right near where the Visitor's Center (and road to it) 'was' after being steam-rolled over by a lava flow. To be honest, I thought it was gone for years, but it recently turned up. As coincidence would have it, it seemed to have resurfaced about the same time I became unemployed. I remembered hearing about bad luck following those who take rocks from Hawaii, and figured no sense tempting fate anymore. Thank you for returning it to where it rightfully belongs. N. & T.L., New Hanover, PA

Enclosed are some rocks & shells my daughter's gardener packed in our suit case on our way out of Hawaii. Please return them to their original homeland. Thanks! F.L.G., Gibsonia, PA

My mother in law actually brought the large rock back for us. She had seen a large rock that was called "the fertility rock" (I think) and this rock was the same shape and she thought it would bring us luck getting pregnant after many years. Eventually, I did get pregnant with a ton of medical help and my son is now 7 years old. However, I feel a huge need to return this lava rock. Thanks for helping me return it. B.A.K., Ramona, CA

The enclosed is not lava rock. ..I'm much too aware of the danger of removing such a precious part of the Hawaiian environment. I'm hoping that you can still help me. I purchased this necklace near the Waipio Valley. I have a long-standing affinity and belief in the strength of locally carved fish hook necklaces. But on my last trip, I purchased this item. I have since experienced a series of misfortunes that lead me to believe I must change something. Unfortunately, I need to start here.

While it may not be the cause, I feel that mentally I will be better off returning this to its rightful home. Would you be so kind as to do what you will with this necklace. Thank you very much. Aloha! K.D.S., Newport Beach, CA


from D.F., Wichita, KS

 I don't know that I believe in the overall superstition surrounding the removal of lava Rocks from the Island, however as a an open minded haole I feel as a Kama'aina do regarding the traditions of the culture of the island. I feel I have unintentionally offended the Goddess Pele. On a trip to Maui in May of 2000, I purchased the enclosed "lava egg" (looks like it broke during transport back home). Since it had been man-made from the lava, and purchased at a store on the Island, I assumed that this was not disrespectful to the Goddess Pele. I now believe I was wrong. I can only assume that the person or persons, who gathered the materials to make this lava egg, did so inappropriately. Since my arrival back to the mainland, I have had bad luck on a level I have never experienced in my life. At the time of my connecting flight from San Francisco to Chicago the airline confiscated my credit card. I returned to my hometown, to find that in my absence I had been implicated in the news paper regarding a scandal. My company went out of business and I had to file bankruptcy for both myself and the company. I have been unable to find a job in three years, and have been in and out of court more than " a dozen times. My house is now in foreclosure and I have lost nearly everything I have worked for. My car has been falling apart bit bit (I repair one thing another thing breaks) and I have been depressed to'a level I didn't think I would ever recover from. These are just the highlights. Is this the result of the Goddess Pele's anger for removing the lava from the island, or just a series of bad coincidences? Add to this, the following. My girlfriend (now wife) whom I met after my return from Maui, moved in January of 2002. Since she moved in a lawsuit that should have rendered a settlement in here favor in the amount of upper six-figure range wound up settling due to her attorney's errors, and received after attorney's fees less than $1.6k.- Her daughter has suffered aggressive and violent outbursts, emotional problems including being diagnosed bi-polar. Again these are just the highlights. I. don't know if this will change any of our current disastrous luck, but I am not taking any chances. I would like to ask that the enclosed item be wrapped in a Ti-Plant ieafand at the moment it is replaced in its appropriate location offer the following apology to the Goddess Pele. Akamai Goddess Pele, 'Olu'olu, ho'olu, ho'olu'olu Kala, huikala (my) Komohewa, komo wale. (I) la wa no 'a'ole, 'a'ohe ho'ohuhu. 'Olu'olu, ho'olu, ho'olu'olu 'Apono, ho'apono, 'ae, lawe (the) Ho'i hou, ho'iho'I (of this) 'a, 'a'a (to it's) kauhale (in) Hawaii, (and) Pa'a, ho'opa'a 'a'ole, 'a'ohe huhu, inaina, ukiuki (to me and my) 'Ohana (from this point forward).


Great Goddess Pele, please forgive my trespass I meant no disrespect. Please accept the return of this lava to its home in Hawaii, and hold no ill will to me or my family from this point forward. Thank you, J.D. and Family, Westfield, IN



from R.L.M., Pittsburgh, PA


Please replace this black sand that was taken from the island of Hawaii. I did not know that ist was also bad luck to take sand as well as lava rocks. I've had my ups and downs in the past 15 years since I visited the big island but I don't want to take many chances. Thank you. Sincerely yours, P.T.C., East Rutherford, NJ




My daughter and I picked up these two rocks on the beach at the Hyatt in Kanapali, on the East side of the Hotel where the sidewalk ends. Upon our return to California, my parents advised us of-the legend. We think one might be a lava rock (reddish in color) and the other a plain rock (black pitted), but do not want to take any chances. Had we known of the legend we would have left them on the beach. We had a wonderful, relaxing vacation on Maui and will return next year. We do not want to offend any of Hawaiian Gods or the Hawaiian people, whom we found to be very kind and generous; we apologize. We appreciate your service and the care you will take with the two enclosed rocks. Please e-mail me once you have received the rocks. Mahalo, C.T., Palm Desert, CA



from K., Charlotte, NC


 I have never been to your beautiful island however, an acquaintance gave me this piece of volcanic rock as she knew I collected stones. I was unaware of the consequenses of having this rock so I am returning it to Hawaii. Respectfully, P.A.W., Sellersburg, IN


Since 1997 I have had these - Maybe their return will help - I thank you, C.W., New York, NY


No Name, Brea, CA

 from B.L., Henderson, NV



 Thank you for the return of the Lava to where it should be. In the 2 years since I have had it I have not had a job and was injured skiing. Maybe connected? The small bag is from the recent flows in the Park. Most of it was stuck to our towel we were on. The sand was from our shoes in the beach. The rest, the larger pieces were from the Gold Coast along the road. I thought it was ok to take that. Thank you so much, A.R., Gloucester, Maine


Please return these rocks and sand to their proper places. J.R.J., Lenexa, KS


from W., Milwaukie, OR




Thank you for returning these rocks. We have crushed our hands, ripped our paintings, frozen ....(sorry - we couldn't read the rest of the sentence) Hope this will help in these difficult times. The rocks came from the Big Island. Regards, S.F., Culver City, CA


I collected these lava rocks ask a child during many trips to Hawaii. I have many fond memories of my time spent on the islands. At the time, I was too young to understand the importance of respecting the beliefs and traditions of other cultures. Now that I am an adult, I would like to return these lava rocks to where they rightfully belong. Hawaii has given me so much, I owe it no less. Thank you for providing this service, I really appreciate it. Sincerely, D.M., Belmont, CA



Please replace theis rock back on Hawaiian soil. We didn't realize we shoudn't have taken it. D.B., No Attleboro Falls, MA



It was my first visit to Hawaii and I was quite exiced, so it was much to my dismay after I returned home to find out that the beautiful lava rock I picked would bring me terrible bad luck. I had never heard that about lava rocks and was quite suprised. I come from a family that admires and appreciates beautiful rock and we all have many scattered all over our landscape to show that. I guess I would understand I would feel should someone take one of my rocks from my home. Therefore I am returning Hawaiis' rock back to its homeland. As for its exact location I can't be certain, bu I can tell you I picked it up on the Queen Kaahumanu Highway, along the roadside. I thank you for returning it for me. I hope this is the correct address, I received it from the internet. I'm shure even if it doesn't get returned to the exact slot, it will still have its proper home for eternity. Thank you so much again. M.S., Sturgeon Bay, WI




Please accept these souvenirs taken from Hawaii. I took them in 1990. I have experienced bad luck ever since. In order to put an end to the spell that has been haunting me, I return these pieces of the island with much regret. Please return them to where they belong. I ask the power of the spell to be removed upon the return of what I have taken. Forgive me Madame Pele. Thank you, H.S., Seabrook, TX



from G.M.H., Yigo, Guam



Please take these volcanic rocks back - I had no idea about them - I've had enough bad luck! No Name, Cedar Rapids, IA



A few weeks ago I sent some rocks and corral to you so that they could be returned to the island of Maui. Well since then I found some others that I did not know I had. If you could please put these back on Maui I would be very appreciative. I hope to visit your island again some day. Thank you, S.B., Ft. Worth, TX



No Name, Palm Beach, FL



Thanks for your assistance in returning these rocks. If it is convenient, please take a photo of the rocks on your website. Thanks again! J.T.M. Columbia, MO



No Name, Santa Rosa, CA



from C.I. c/o J.B., Hauula, HI

Dear Madame Pele, Please accept this black sand as a token for my respect and natural understanding of you. We did not mean to show disrespect by taking your sacred volcano sand from your spirit. It was only our ignorance that impaired our judgement. Please accept this black sand and lift whatever curse has been laid on mine and my husbands spirits. We will not only show respect for you but your other brothers and sisters of this world. Our sincerest apologies, J.C.V., Birmingham, AL


from D.M., Fremont, CA



We are sincerely sorry for taking this piece of lava. We ask for your forgiveness. Sincerely, M.L. & N.L, West Warwick, RI



In February, 1987 I visited the Volcano National Park with my younger brother and parents. My brother and I took this rock and have since referred to it as "The Brownie". I am sending the Brownie back after 13 years on the continent. I was recently told of the bad luck that can come from taking rocks, and while I don't quite believe in it, I do believe the Brownie was not mine to take. It was taken because we appreciated its unique shape and texture. Hawaii is a beautiful place and I have no desire to contribute to the destruction of that beauty. Therefore I return the Brownie to Pele and her people. Thank you for offering this service. S.M., (Middle America) San Diego, CA



Thank you! From A.C.M. Knoxville, TN


I am not shure if this rock came from Maui or if it was a rock from the "stone washing" of the Shorts. I found it inside a pocket that was never used. I'd rather be safe. Can you please return it to Maui? Thank you. No Name, Grande Praerie, AB, Canada



Please return these beautiful pieces of lava rock to Madame Pele. We did not mean to worry or anger her by taking these, her children, away with us. Now, knowing what we have done, we ask her forgiveness. Many thanks, Aloha, No Name, Forest Knolls, CA



Dear Rainbow, Please accept this black sand and the coral pieces with my sincere apologies to the islands of Hawaii and to her goddess Pele. I knew when I picked them up, I shouldn't have and it's been bothering me for a while now. I am enclosing some sweet grass along with the black sand and coral. Please burn this as an offering to Pele for me. Thank you for your kindness, Sincerely. D.

My husband recently went back to work after a six month layoff. We had to use our enire 401K to survive. Please accept these earrings that I made for you as a token of my appreciation for returning the black sand and coral. The crystal in the earrings represents the rainbow for you. The Onyx represents the black sand. Finally, the blue/green stone represents the beautiful colors of the ocean where the coral lives. (Nice work - Thank you very much!) Thank you, D.T., Hillsboro, MO

Please return this lava sand to its proper plane. Sorry Pele, Goddess of the Lava Rock. I did not know that we weren't allowed to remove it from your island. Thank You. No Name, Atkinson, NH



from C.M., Mississauqua, ONT, Canada



Our lines have been miserable since we left Hawaii with this black sand and lava rock which we took. I did not know it is bad luck. I do feel remorse and regret what we did! Please return it to its rightful place... Thank you so much. C.W. family, Allen, TX.



I took this black sand from the beach at the Waiampanapa State Park in 1986. Please offer Ple my sincerest apologies! A.S., Seattle, WA


No Name, Spokane, WA



Enclosed is a bag of small lava rocks collected by my mother on a trip to the Big Island in 1992 or 1993. She is no longer with us, as she got cancer (and fought it for many years) shortly after that trip. Please accept these rocks and my apologies to Pele on behalf of my mother. I feel that the rocks should have never been taken in the first place, so I am sending them "home". Thank you for accepting them. Sincerely, L.H., Santa Cruz, CA

P.S. I stayed twice in Volcano; it must be one of the most enchanting places on earth. I hope to return again soon.


My Apologies, B.S., New Bedford, MA



No Name, Westerville, OH


Please find enclosed the lava that I took from the island of Lanai' in February 2002 while vacationing. At the time I didn't think it was any big deal. However, for the past year and a half we have been trying to build a new house and had nothing but nightmares. Everything that could go wrong has. I have been told by several people to send the lava back but have been determined that that was not the problem. I've given up. I really want my house built. I will never bring lava home again and will tell others not too also. I hope you will forgive me. It's my fault. My wife told me not to bring it home! K.B., Lakeside, CA



On my vacation to the big Island in October 2002 I took a piece of rock from the volcano not knowing about the taboo and stories of bad luck. Lately I have had some very unfortunate events that I fear might be because of my taking these rocks. I sold a computer and was paid by cashiers check of $1200 which turned out to be counterfeit. The other day I arrived home very late at night. I was very tired. I got out of my car to open the garage door but failed to put the car in park. The car got away from me and smashed the garage door in, causing damage to the Garage door, car door and other vehicles. Fortunately no one was hurt badly. Only some scrapes and bruises to myself. These things could have been avoided, perhaps, ifl was more careful, but still I am very afraid that things may get worse. I have always been very respectful of the spiritual beliefs of the indigenous people of the world and was completely uneducated as to the ways of the Goddess Pele. I want to ask for forgiveness .

and compassion. I would never knowingly do anything to disrespect or upset her or the Island or the volcano. It is not very feasible for me to make a special trip to the island right now. I thank you for the service of helping me try to right this wrong.

Thank you so much, T.S., San Francisco, CA


Dearest Pele, Please accept the return of your property after almost 11 long years. Best wishes to all of your children. Mahalo, E., Quincy, MA


We visited our wonderful Volcano National Park 03/31/03. Please return a few pieces of lavarock and black sand. Sorry for bothering you. Had no idea it was against Goddess Peles' wishes. Sometimes this new computer age gets one into trouble, finding out too much. Sincerely, D.K. Canton, OH



We did not know about the myth of taking Lava rock from Hawaii. When finding out the information we checked the internet and found your services. Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely, M.A., San Rafael, CA


My new bride and I visited your volcano last week while we were there on our honeymoon. We picked up this rock not knowing that bad luck would follow it. It seems that all our bad luck happened before we got the rock, (tux didn't fit, hair and make up girl didn't show, car was broken into during wedding and suitcase, wallet and keys were lost, got dirt all over wedding dress before second photo shoot) but we don't want to take any chances. Maybe Pele felt sorry for us and let us off the hook, because we had such a stressful wedding day. Either way, we wouldn't have taken the rock had we known the history. So please accept this lava rock with our apologies, and please place this lava back on the volcano where it belongs. Best Wishes, J.G. + S.G., Bedford, TX



Please return these crystal rocks to Madame Pele. I purchased this ring in 1972, when I was 11 years old. Hope to be relieved of the curse and to begin my good fortune! Thank tou for your efforts and God Bless. Sincerely, S.B., Hilton Head, SC





from "The very sorry ones", Mystic, CT


 Thank you for returning our lava rock. My daughter has been experiencing bad luck or a couple of years now - convinced that she gets very anxious about new situations and sleep-overs with friends. Thank you. F.P., Mission Viejo, CA


 Thank you for returning these rocks to their proper home. We are sorry for taking them and apologize to Madame Pele!, S.H. New York City



Dear Pele and the Natives of Hawaii, While honeymooning in Hawaii we took the Maui Downhill Biking Adventure. At the top of the summit we saw a beautiful scene with many lava rocks in the background. Not knowing the story behind the lava rocks, my husband, accidentally took two of your rocks. We are very sorry for doing this and we would like to put these rocks back to rest in Hawaii. Please forgive us and please lift the curse of bad luck you have given us. We are truly sorry to upset you. Thank you, Darleen and Shawn, New Jersey



No Name, High Ridge, MO


 Dear Madame Pele: I took a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii in 1996, where I found a Lava Rock and brought it home with me. I apologize for taking the Lava Rock, I was not aware that it was forbidden to take the rock out of Hawaii. When I did find out that it was forbidden to take the Lava Rock, I wanted to bring the rock back myself, but have not had the opportunity to take a trip back to Hawaii. I found a website called Lava Rock returned to Hawaii. I am returning this rock to Hawaii, with an offering. Please accept my apology and the lava rock. Thank you, R.P. Vancouver, BC, Canada


 Please offer my regret for taking these rock from Hana. I am truly sorry. Thank you, D.C., DHX, AZ



I am sending my lava rock back to her home. She has been with me for fifteen years in New York (as we all know, our New York City has not fared well the past years, but we are here). When I first saw my rock on the Big Island of Hawaii, I could not

resist stowing her away in my pocket, she resided with my collection gathered from wonderful hikes and walks all over the world. I feel it is time for her to go home now. Please give her the appropriate return, since I cannot do this in person at this time. Thank you, B.J.C., Congers, NY


Dear Bonnie and Alan, My children apparently picked up some lava rocks while visiting your park. I carefully explained to them that items are NOT to be removed from national parks. Enclosed are the lava rocks. Your time returning these rocks to their home is appreciated. The children, who are lager and weigh more, are on their way to you in a separate package. Mahalo!, K.P. Lititz, PA



Please accept these rocks which need to be returned so that my good luck can be restored. I had no idea that removing rocks from the island were taboo and had I known, I wouldn't have touched or removed anything so sacred to the islands. Please accept my donation to care the expenses of returning these rocks ot the island of Kauai. I am anxious to return to my good fortune and to erase any bad spirits that may have come upon me due to me bringing these rocks home. Love S.B., Tucson, AZ



Please return this coral to the beach that is near the airport. We picked it up unaware that it would offend the gods of the island. We thought this only applied to lava. Please return it to the beach where the kite boards sail near the airport. Please help me end this chain of bad luck. One month after our return my mother was brutally murdered with a knife. My mother never even got to see our photos. When looking at her old photo books the only photos I could find were some of her and my dad at

the Arizona memorial.. They were standing in the same spot that me and my wife did when the photo was taken. I take this as a sign from her. My family and friends have had some of the worst times ever since. My next door neighbor tried to kill my other neighbor. That same weekend my nieces house burned down. My good friend had kidney failure and was doing

fine before our return with this coral. There should be a big warning sign at thee airport. J.Y., Dearborn, Michigan



Please return these pieces of Lava to Madame Pele. We apologize for removing the Rocks from the Volcano. Please accept my small donation. Sincerely J.C., Pittsburgh, PA



Here is my donation for the associatior! Sorry, I took these rock from your island. Thanks, M.S.G., San Jose, CA



Dear Rainbow, I love to collect sand from the different places I travel to, so naturally I wanted some beautiful black sand from my trip to Hawaii. I collected my sand at Waianapanapa State Park on the road to Hana in Maw. I knew about the curse of Pele, but I thought it pertained mostly lava rock and that it wouldn't hurt to take sand from Maui. I made my trip in September of 2000 and I haven't had any real tragedies, however, what I try to improve on in my life never seems to work out. I saw a special on the travel channel about Hawaii and the curse of Pele and one thing that I heard was that Hawaii should remain in Hawaii. So, out of respect for Hawaii and Pele I'm am not only returning the black sand that I collected, but other sand which had been given to me from 1990 and throughout at separate times from various friends on their trips to Hawaii. I send my deepest apologies to Pele and your beautiful islands. I am also requesting that you e-mail me when my sand has been received. Thank you very much, M.M., Rio Rico, AZ



We thank you for allowing us to return the rocks that we took from Haleakala before we started our bike ride down the mountain. We had not eard about the "bad luck" associated with the taking of rocks. We've been okay since our recent return from Hawaii, but don't want to take a chance. S.J. & S.A.V., Gulf Breeze, FL



Forgive us for taking what belongs to Pele. C.S.W, Las Vegas, NV



from R.S., Daytona Beach, FL



I took the rocks near the Kona Airport. There is a large lava tunnel with a field of rare xenoliths everywhere. I was on a geology trip and my instructor encouraged us to take good samples. It started that night, a streak of bad luck that ultimately ended in losing my true love. When we came back from Hawaii his family decided our relationship had become too serious and he had to end it or be disowned. (He is from Turkey and I am American). I admit that at this point I don't know if it was the rocks or not but it all seems to point to that conclusion. Better safe than sorry and I apologize to Pele for my arrogance as I was aware of the fabled consequences. Sincerely, E.K.S., Federal Way, WA

 Thank you for helping us return these rocks and shells. Please say a prayer of forgiveness for us as the rocks and shells are returned. Thank you for your help with this process. May our bad luck be gone and good luck return. Many thanks, M.E. & C.W., Portland, OR



Please return the enclosed lava rock to the Goddess Pele with our most humble apologies for taking it from the shore at Maui. We had no idea our action would offend her. We unfortunately cannot bring it back in person at this time. Aloha, V.P., Fresh Meadows, NY



During our last trip to the big island some members of our party took souvenirs they shouldn't have. I'm returning these with the request that you give them the appropriate Kapu blessing and return to Pele her treasures. Mahalo, No Name, Bozeman, MT



Please return to their rightful spot. I have had no luck ever since I came back from Hawaii in Dec. Thanks, K., Clarkston, Michigan



Thank you. This was a gift from a friend but it (...) felt right. Avrancha, Seattle, WA




Thank you so much for being so kind to return this Lava Rock to Pele. I am thankful that you are so willing to help people who have made a mistake of taking Lava Rocks from Hawaii. I have enclosed xx for your time and ritual to return this Lava Rock to Pele. I believe you in that Pele is all knowing and that she knows I have a sincere heart in returning this Lava Rock for my parents. My energy and deep wish is to neutralize the energy and turn any negativity that was formed from taking this Lava Rock to positive. Thank you again for your kind spirit and time. If you do not mind, would you please e-mail me the day and time that you return this rock. It is very symbolic to me to know this so I can journal it and remember. Thank you so very much Rainbow Moon! Love and Blessings Always, V.M., Sunnyvale, CA



No Name, Abbotsford, BC, Canada



Please accept my small token, I wish I could give more. Please be sure that lava gets put back, before our family is totally destroyed. Thank you, D.W., MV, CA



Please be so kind as to return this black sand and pearl to the proper beach. As we have learned it is not the proper thing to have it. Thank you soooooo much, G. & M., Bayonne, NJ



Please return these rocks for us. They were brought back by a friend who recently was there. We had told her of the curse but she didn't listen. Thank you so much. J.R., Buchanan, NY



Black sand received from C.E., Arl. Hts., IL


I received this lava rock from Haleakala in November 1989. I would like to return it now to you and offer it to Pele. Thank you. J.F., West Chaster




Enclosed you will find 2 lava rocks that we found and brought home from a beach near Lahaina in Maui, Hawaii last week. My husband wanted to bring them home to show our children. I have heard the legend that they bring bad luck and that you are not supposed to remove them from Hawaii. I am sending them to you so you can put them where they belong. Thank you so much for helping us. Sincerely, L.J. & C.J., Mount Airy, Maryland



During July , this year, I, alang with a friend visited the Hawaiian Islands. Mainly Honolulu and Kauai. While on Kauai, I went

swimming and stumbled on a rock, which I picked up and brought home with me, as a souvenier of my visit. I have started having some bad luck and recently heard about Madame Pele's curse. I feel remorse about taking part of her island back home with me and would appreciate it if you could replace it for me and ask her forgiveness. I am a neophyte, when it comes to superstitions, especially those from the Islands and would never do anything to make the spirits angry .If you could do this

for me, I would be most appreciative and very greatful. Thank you for your help in this matter, F.C.M. Jr., Roseville, MI




I would like to return these Lava Rocks that I picked up while on Hilo in June 2003. The rocks came from the 1974 lava flow and were picked up for my Fairy God mother who had visited there in 1974. Although I haven't suffered any particular bad luck (I kept them in the bag), things feel as if they have hit a plateau where everything I try seems to breakeven at best. Once I got the idea to send back the rocks, I could feel a lighter more positive energy around me. The day that I am returning the rocks also happens to be my Fairy God mother's birthday, so the timing is right. PIs. give my deepest respects to the Hawaiian Fire Goddess Pele and until we meet again. Mahalo Love, E.T.H., Japan




from R.A. & S.H., Los Angeles, CA



Please accept a coconut flavoured lifesaver for Pele. Mahalo, S.V., Rancho Cucamonga, CA




from K.F., St Petersburg, FL



I just recently found out from my best friend who just went to Hawaii for her honeymoon, that the lava rock bring you bad luck. I have had my lava rock and sand for over 8 years. My husband and I have been married for 3 years and all these years have been rough. We built a new home three years ago and the week after we moved in and just got married my husband lost his job. After he found a different job, he had lost that one too. Luckly he has a good job now, but we are not good financially since his first job loss. During the last two years we suffered two miscarriages, but this past (...can't read this) ... we were blessed with a beautiful daughter who almost came too early in my pregnancy. I just recently lost my job after 4 weeks of working after my maternity leave. So I can't wait to return these rocks. My parents brought them to me 8 years ago from Hawaii. I did't know, they were bad luck! J.I., Fenton, MO



I was given this black sand years ago. I have recently found out that this could be causing my bad luck. Please return it to where it belongs and please forgive me. The friend that brought it to me meant no harm. Once again - Sorry Madame Pele. Sincerely, M.N., St. Catharines, ON, Canada




Again this chain of bad luck continues. The day after we sent our last shipment of Coral, my eight year old daughter says. I have some lava from our trip as well daddy. I looked at her and then at my wife and said, it has to go back too. Here is the rocks and two more chunks of coral to return to the island. So sorry for taking what belongs to the gods. J.Y., Dearborn, Michigan


from H.G., Burbank, CA (I might have mixed up the picture on this one)



No Name, from Norwalk, CT

Rec 10/23/03

from E.L.B., No Address


Rec 03/10/03

I was so relieved to find your web site! My husband and I were married in Maui in October 03. My two daughters came with us. I have always collected sand from every coast I visit. I even fill several little bottles to give to family and friends as souvenirs. I also love rocks and have tried to learn some of the beliefs surrounding the energy different types possess. We loved Maui and gathered a few rocks and sand while there. It wasn't until the airport that an employee told me of the bad luck curse. I did leave a much larger rock, but my other bags had been checked in and I didn't even think about the sand. Since returning home my family has experienced emotional, martial, financial and employment problems. We had a car accident, lost money, continuous headaches, stomach problems, and even now legal problems. Not to mention, our dog bites all of us now. I have tried to lable each, so that you cold now about where in Maui they belong. The two lava rocks came from the top of the volcano. The coral pieces (1 large, 1 small), which maybe don't come with the curse but I'm not taking any chances, came from somewhere on the shore along the road to Hana. As for the other small rock, I'm not quite shure where we picked it up in Maui. Please return to Madame Pele with our sincerest humblest apologies. We did not want to anger anybody, we just loved these things and wanted to have something to look at while remembering the beautiful time in Maui. Please accept this donation and thank you's. If you could say a blessing on our behalf, we'd really appreciate it. I hope that Madame Pele forgives us and that our family can recover from this. Sincerely, A most grateful family in Omaha, NE


Rec 11/18/03

I would like to return the encloses lava rocks that we took from the Big Island when we traveled there several years ago. Thank you very much for your kind help. Please accept our sincere apologies..., J.M., Japan


Rec 10/09/03

from D.D., Seminole, FL



Rec 12/10/03

Please return this lava/river rock. We bought the enclosed rock at Luau in Maui. Thank you, S.P., Austin, TX

Rec 10/29/03

Please return lava rocks to the Goddess Pele. I had no idea that it was a legend. So sorry. Since Aug my luck has been bad. I was in Maui in July. I took rock in Maui. I meant no harm. Please forgive me - so my life can get back to normal - Sorry, A.H.H., Henderson, NV


Rec 11/20/03

Thank you! From D.B., Port Collins, CO (R)


Rec 12/08/03

Please return the enclosed lava rock to its rightful place. This rock was taken from the Kalapana area near the ocean in 1987. I was aware of the circumstances surrounding the removal of the rock but was told if I gave something back to Pele' it would be OK. I have not necessarily had bad luck since 1987 but neither have I had any good luck. I hope that this return might create a little good luck in the future. I will return to Hawaii in March of 2004. I thought it would be a good idea to return the rock before then. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your service. Sincerely, C.F.L., Wayzata, MN


Rec 07/02/03

Lava Rocks picked up from across Parkshore Hotel, Kihei, Maui, No Address


Rec 07/02/03

We visited Maui and Kauai this Mat and had a wonderful time there. When we came back, I noticed these small rocks in my daughter's beach toy bag. We must have put them with her toys and didn't realize these are lava rocks and are not supposed to bring them back to Oklahoma. By coincidence or not, my husband was laid off from work just one week after we came back. Bad luck or what! Any way, we are sending these rocks back and hopefully the bad luck stops. Sincerely, V.H., B.S. and Family, Norman, OK

Note: Read the note (picture) we received from the postal service with your letter. They lost your rock! Now the U.S. Postal Service in Oklahoma must have your bad luck!



Rec 09/25/03

We apologize for taking these lava rocks and black sand on our drive to Hana in Maui. We did not know of the folklore attached to it until afterwards. Now that we know, it

makes us nervous to keep them. They were taken from the black sand beach and the Waianapanapa State Park. We wish to do the right thing by returning them to Hawaii.

Thank you. Sincerely, E.Y., W.Y., C.Y., V.Y., & M.Y., Toronto, Ont., Canada



Rec 09/05/03

Please return these pieces of lava - we are very sorry - we didn't know we shouldn't take them. The truth is told that we too had bad luck when we returned from our trip. The first thing that happened when we got home, our bathroom upstairs started to leak into a new completely redone kitchen. Then my daughter took my new 2003 CTS and accidentally rolled into the rear of a State Trooper - not good. So, please return this lava with our apologies and ask for forgiveness. Thank you very much. J.B., Downers Grove, IL


Rec 09/30/03

from P., Palos Hills, IL



Rec 09/03/03

Dear Madame Pele, I believe we need no introductions" but for the generous people whom accept and process your mail I wish to introduce myself. My name is Dawn, I have two children, girls, ages 8 and 11 years old. I am a single mom and have been an independent, successful provider for my children for several years. I am not a superstitious woman, I am a RN who's  specialty is critical care cardiology, I take care of patients after open heart surgeries, I am a critical thinker who bases her decisions on sound logic and scientific evidence. Writing this letter and sending our souvenirs back is a difficult decision tor me, but at this time I am almost hoping that these rocks are the cause of the tragedies which have befallen our family over the last year. As you are aware, my family and I visited Maui and Lanai in March o f2002. At that time we collected several samples of rocks and sand. My grandmother had requested a small amount of sand from the black sand beach, so we had made a point of visiting several beaches, as we were going to surprise her with a special gift. We had planned to make a gel candle in a fish bowl with the different colors of sand in the bottom. My youngest daughter also wanted to bring home some rocks for her collection, so I collected some volcanic rocks. The day I was out on an excursion on Lanai collecting rocks, bad things happened to my youngest daughter. Things I would not know of until many months later. I will not go into detail., nor will I blame Pele for the type of mental illness which causes people to betray trust and family boundaries, but these things leading to a mothers worst nightmare came to fruition after these Hawaiian mementos came into our lives. Our lives have been changed forever, our family structure altered permanently. Thus started the criminal in investigation proceedings as well as the legal circus and emotional roller coaster festivities. After the initiation of these procedings and my excommunication trom my family, my father became ill with a lung Boulia, and lung cancer. I am forbidden to visit him and no one will give me updates on his condition, I have been excluded trom all immediate and extended family functions and business.


In addition many strange and inexplicable events have transpired. Events that one would look at individually and say "Wow, what rotten luck, but when these events are evaluated cumulatively one must look and say - "Ok, what have I done to bring these things into my life". One night several weeks after we returned from our vacation last year, my children and I were awakened from our sleep by an unusual occurrence. They were sleeping in my room, as it was summer vacation and they were nervous to sleep alone. I awoke to the sound of someone whispering my name and they, to the sound of a tapping on the window. Although we were all together I had not heard what they had, nor they what I had-though we had an awoken at the same time. The dog slept at the end of the bed and heard nothing.


A month later I broke up with a man whom I had been in a serious relationship with, who then started stalking tactics on me and my children. I had been working as a per diem nurse through a staffing agency, and although there is a nursing shortage in Michigan, the days I had given availability for were frequently cancelled. I had great difficulty finding a job with hours that would accommodate my children's school schedule and I was unable to find reliable childcare to increase my hours of availability from 36 to 72 per week, as my family with whom I am now estranged had been providing my childcare. I was forced into filing bankruptcy twice, chapter 7 and chapter 13. during both, unexpected problems occurred, such as papers sent through the mail not being received for weeks at a time and inaccuracies in account information being included in the final drafts. When I finally found a job where the hours would accomodate the childrens schedule, I found that my employer was falsifying documents and credentials of their nurses in order to send nurses on assignments they should not have been considered qualified for. I was ethically unable to remain employed there, as they were unwilling to change their ways. Finally in march of 2003, I was able to work out a childcare arrangement and seek employment with a local hospital in their intensive care unit. I had been out of orientation about 5 weeks when I took my children to cedar point, on a trip with my oldest daughters chorus. While at cedar point we went on several roller coasters, including the corkscrew - the symbolic ride of my life lately. Upon exiting the corkscrew, the padded metal safety harness, you know, the one that holds you in while you are flying through the air, upside down at 80 miles per hour came loose and hit me on the head, injuring my neck. I was out of work again for 4 weeks, but I was recovering well enough. I lost time and money, but the injury was not serious enough to pursue compensation. Three days before I had my return to work physical scheduled I was out riding with a friend of mine. We were going to the party store, she was merging into a left turn lane and a 19 year old kid smashed into the rear passenger side of her car, while trying to speed through a stoplight. The accident totaled her minivan and sent me to the hospital, and I continued to be out of work and without income. Alcohol and drugs w'ere not involved in the accident, they said it was just one of those stupid things that happen to people. My friend won't speak to me anymore because she did not want me to report the medical expenses to my auto insurance company as her insurance would go up, Michigan being the No Fault state that we are. Without a job or health insurance, I had to. I have had to go through months of physical therapy and multitudes of tests and x-rays related to this. .And of course my AAA won"t cover any lost wages. After one of my follow up appointments witb my doctor; I was leaving the medical office building with a new grocery bag of medications. and tripped over a carpet that was only partially taped to the floor. The part that was not taped curled upward at least an inch and is what caught my shoe,  tripping me. From this incident I have injured my wrist, which I have never had any problems with in the past, causing inflamation, swelling and carpal tunnel like symptoms of' numbness and tingling. The doctor ordered physical therapy and took me off of work for that as well.


I took my kids camping this summer and it rained 3 of the 5 days we were there. One day after we got back from camping my daughter became hospitalized with a severe flu. and a fever of 104.7. We were in the hospital for two and a half days - the first day and a half without power due to the power outage that affected the entire east coast -imagine a hospital full of sick people, no lights and no way to flush - ewwww. They had no food for visitors and no stores were open.


I had the coolest cat. His name was JoJo. JoJo was the man of the house and he knew it. He was one of those animals who just looked intelligent. He would crouch in the ditch and look both ways before crossing the street, never crossing unless it was clear. The kind of cat that would sleep with you if something was wrong and just an all round good friend to have. Two days after my daughter was discharged trom the hospital I was pulling out of my driveway to go to the store. As I sat at the end of my drive, putting a cd in the player, I saw my cat come running across my street and less than one foot from my driveway he was struck and sent flying by a speeding minivan. who never looked back. He died in my arms 5 minutes later. This unusual streak of bad luck seems to affect others who are around us as well. My children's cousin was over playing last winter and fell, breaking his collar bone in my back yard. People who have tried to help us have lost their jobs. Our car has broken down, leaving us stranded at

times, far more often then usual, of course at times when our cell phone is at home or out of its area. Our computer has gotten two viruses this year, I have never had a computer virus before. I don't know what to think of all these things. I have never had a. fabulous level of luck but it seems as though since we have been in possession of these Hawaiian rocks and sand, life has been unusually chaotic. I don't know, maybe everyone has years like this. All that I have explained, for certain, could have occured to simply by chance, but on the flip side, maybe in addition to reeking total havoc in my life, Pele is trying to drive me to the brink of total and complete insanity.Well I believe I must be there. So before I am certifiable for admission to a community mental hospital, here are the rocks back with my sincere apology and promise to

spread the word to others that removing anything from the Hawaiian Islands is very, very bad. Please place them back into the environment from which they have come. The rocks and the pepper colored sand came from Manilli bay on Lanai, the black sand came from the Black Sand Beach on the road to Hana, the red sand came from the Red Sand Beach, also off of the road to Hana. The standard colored sand came from Kannapali Beach on Maui. The coral was found on this beach as well. Please do whatever you must to rectify my mistake of removing these articals from the islands. Included is my donation,  its not much but its all I can give right now. Please email me when you receive this package, so I can stop worrying. (Note: We didn't find your email address in your letter) As I said, I am not a superstitious woman, but perhaps things are so crazy for me that I prefer to err on the side of caution at this point. Here's hoping. Thank you for understanding. My apologies Madam Pele. With warmest regards, D.M.C., Wixom, MI



Please return the lava rocks to Madame Pele. We have had these for over 40 years and had many wonderful years in this home. Thank you, No Name, Waianae, HI


Accidentially brought home. Please return to ground. Mahalo. No Name, La Jolla, CA


Please return this Black Sand to Black Sand Beach in Maui's Road to Hanna, Thank You, No Name, Santa Cruz, CA


We were given these rocks and sand from a family friend of ours who recently visited Hawaii. We have heard about the curse and don't want to take any chances. Other friends of ours encouraged us to get rid of the rocks and sand A.S.A.P., so I have mailed them to you. I can't get a hold of who gave us the rocks so I hope you can return them for us. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you, O.H. & S.of S., Brighton, CO


My Gaandfather sent me this rock which someone from his appartment complex brought home from Hawaii. I heard on the discovery channel that it would bring bad luck and the only way to change that was to send it back, so I am. Please put it back where it came from for me. Thanks, Z..B., McCall, ID



Please return this lava rock to where it belongs. I was unaware of the island's legend. Thank you. No Name, Kirksville, MO


I picked this up on the side of the road near the top of Haleakala in Maui. I didn't realize it was disrespectful. Please accept my sincere apologies. Thanks, P.F.E., Rochester, NY



Please return these lava rocks to their rightful place. I took them from Molokai. I did not know so I am returning these things. Thanks, K.B., no address.


Thank you very much in advance for bringing back our lava rock to its original place. It is peculiar how I did get notice of your site in the internet. Since we are back from Hawaii in January, 2002 we are looking for links to Hawaiian sites. Especially me for Lava Rocks - the radio station (105.9) on Oahu which I enjoyed a lot during our vacation. There was a reference to your site which I just glanced over, Lava Rocks site could not be found for quite some time. Independent of my search for something else I could not forget about your site for month. Now I am assured that I have to send the rock back to Hawaii. Thank you and the best wishes to you. T.P., Ludwigsburg, Germany


Thank you for returning the lava rock that we picked up on our Honeymoon in 1995. Thank you, M..A., Pleasant Valley, NY


Please return to Pele with my apologies, M.K.v.A., Anchorage, AK



Hi there, I am so glad you offer such a service to return the rock back. It was my first visit to Hawaii, 2 weeks ago. If someone had told me that the lava rocks are sacred and should not be removed, I would never have taken them from the island. Please return these lava rocks and forgive me. Thanks very much for your help! X.W., Millbrae, CA


Dear Rainbow Moon,

I'm returning these lava rocks that my family took from either Maui or Kauai back in 1996. Only one or two of them are Hawaiian, the other are from Sunset Crater in Arizona. Since it has been seven years, my family cannot remember which are the Hawaiian ones, and so I am sending all lava rocks to you. My husband and two sons are rock lovers, and it has been their natural inclination to collect from the places we visit. We did not understand how sacred the rocks are and we are grateful that you are willing to help us. My husband in particular has had numerous accidents and injuries and other incidents of bad luck since 1996. It has now come to our attention that these rocks should be returned to their home and we ask forgiveness for taking them. We appreciate the care that you will make in returning them to their proper location! Please email me when you do. Enclosed is our donation. Thank you!, L.M., Port Washington, NY



No name, Greenwich, CT



from L-C. C. & A.W., Santa Clara, CA


Hello, while visiting the Black Sand beach in Maui (Hana) my husband and I took some rocks home to remind us of our honeymoon. We have had the worst luck since returning home. I found a website on the internet and returned the rocks about two weeks ago. On Friday, my husband returned home from work to find these four lava rocks on our dining room table. I did another search on the interent and found your website. I with I had returned the (first batch) of rocks to you, but maybe finding these other four rocks was a sign. Please return them for me as I will be forever grateful to you. I don't know where the first batch ended up but maybe having you return these rocks will take away all our bad luck. We are very sorry and never meant any harm taking the rocks. Thanks, S.M., (BPT?), Milford, CT


Please return this sand to where it belongs. Happy Holidays, Aloha, T.R., San Dimas, CA



Got this beach sand 15 years ago in Maui. Please accept this return. Since the trip there, both Mom and Dad died, lost $ 20,000 in one business, $ 10,000 in another, had to have triple bypass surgery, nephew committed suicide. If this is just bad luck, I don't need any more! D.C., Double Springs, AL


Dear Rainbow Moon,

I took these rocks from the island of Maui on my first visit there in 1997. And since then, after finding out that it was not wise to remove the rocks from any of the islands, my life has been a living hell! From loss of jobs, no money, failing relationship, you name it. Please, Please, Please, Please return these rocks for me and ask Madame Pele to please forgive me the bearer (?) of these rocks for removing them from her island. P.S.: The Bikini bottom in the Ziplock bag contains sand that was trapped in the lining. Thank you sincerely, B.M.T., Nashville, TN


I am sorry I did not know that you should not buy anything made out of Lava. I bought this item from and estate sale. Please put it back where it belongs. No Name, East Painte, MI


Thank you so much! It wasn't until we returned home from our vacation in January that someone told us about the bad luck. Our town guide said nothing - nor did we see any signs. Anyway, it's such a beautiful result of something so incredible (We got to see flowing lava!) Thanks to much for helping us return them. D.G.K.Sr & S.A.K., Lehigthon, PA


Corals send back by K. & J. C., Orange, CA


Hello - We are returning a lava rock we took on a vacation trip in 2001. We did not think it would matter. Don't remember exactly but a lava field in the Volcano Park somewhere. We have had a string of bad luck for a while and hope returning  this could make amends. We are sorry we did this. Thank you for your service. Thank you so much, W.B., Denver, CO



Please return this lava to the Volcano on the Big Island where it was picked from back in September 2003. Thank You, R.A.G., Orlando, FL


Please return these lava rocks that my daughter brought home while on a school trip in Hawaii this past July. No Name, Winchester, MA


My sister and her husband along with my brother and his wife visited the islands last year around Christmas. My sister had taken some lava rocks. She was warned by my sister-in-law of the bad luck curse, but took them anyhow, because she was not superstitious. I have always collected rocks and sand from areas in the States. I asked her to give me a piece of the lava rock. My sister-in-Iaw informed me of the legend. We found your website and learned more about the legend. I have been stuck by bad luck, but not so sever. I thought that maybe I could perform some magic and release the bad luck, but that is not going to happen. My sister as stubborn as she is, has lost her husband to sickness, her son was shot, but has lived through it. She will not believe in the legend but I do. Please accept my apology and my donation. Return the piece of rock to where it belongs on your sacred island. Thank you, R.W., Round Lake, IL


Please accept back this sand as we did not have permission to take it. I collected the black sand from the island of Maui and the brown sand from Oahu during our Honeymoon (9/10/01-9/21/01). Yes, that was one day before 9-11. Over the past 2 years, we have had a number of 'life and death' related instances happen in our immediate families, among other problems. I was aware of the bad luck and superstitions associated with moving or taking any large rocks, but didn't realize that the sand I was taking was just a smaller version. It's been nice to look at and a great memento of our vacation in Hawaii, but does not belong with us. We would greatly appreciate you returning this sand to Pele and asking for her forgiveness. Our donation is included. Thank you for your assistance, N. & M., Bloomington, IL


No Name, from Chilliwack, BC, Canada


My husband and I just recently returned from our honeymoon on your beautiful islands of Oahu, and Maui. My father was stationed in Pearl Harbor during Vietnam, and has a weird thing about having a nervous rock. He keeps it in his pocket and rubs them to help relieve stress. So of course, while we were in Maui, driving the road to Hana, we came upon the black sand beach area. Not knowing of the curse of removing rocks from Hawaii, I found a nice sized one he could use, and hoped that it would bring back good memories of his life there, since I know he will probably never be able to return. Although a streak of bad luck hit us right before leaving for Hawaii, it seemed to not only continue but also get worse when we returned. My husbands car stopped starting, the tires were bad, the breaks on my car were gone after only having it a year. In addition, the most recent, during some thunderstorms this last week, our dog has gone missing. She is like our child. It has almost been a week now, and with every day, it gets harder to keep up hope that we will ever see her again. While searching for her, my husband slipped in a stream and almost cracked his head. My car got stuck in the mud and we almost lost it into the flood wash river. Last night I was pulled over by a cop and ticketed for not coming to a full and complete stop at 11 o'clock at night, at a stop sign. Our friend informed us of the fact that its bad luck to remove lava rocks from Hawaii, and that we should mail it back. I am not superstitious, but in light of all that's happened since our return, I can't help but hope that by returning it, maybe our baby dog (Kodi) will be returned to us. As for all the other things, we can handle it all, as long as she comes home to us. Please accept our donation and our apology to Madame Pele. I wish it could be more, but most of our funds have been going into repairs, cleaning mud out of my car and towards the search efforts for our Kodi and the reward for her return. We beg for your forgiveness and will pass on the word about lava rock removal from Hawaii being bad luck. Thank you so much, A. and J., Corona, CA


After months of holding to these after a cruise through Hawaiian Islands that my boyfriend went on and brought home, I finally talked him into sending them back. He has had a very bad year financially and with no explanation but the unknown. So I am sending these sacred lava rocks back and hope that they are returned to where they belong never to be disturbed again. Thank You, Sincerely D.B., Redmond, WA


Dear Hawaii - Even though we are very respectful people - Even though we are nature and earth conscious people and want to preserve our land - we were still tempted by the beauty of your Black Sand beaches. Why we took these while driving the road to Hana on Maui? We can not explain to you. All we can say is we are so sorry for not respecting your land and "laws". Please tell others that the tale is true. We have had some very unfortunate incidents since taking the rocks in February 2000. We have experienced 4 miscarriages since then and continue to have problems and heart ache. We do feel like there is a curse  for what we have done and a black cloud over our heads. Please accept our humble apology. Please bring the rocks and sand back home where they belong. Please forgive us. MDST2, Wisconsin

Please accept these rocks back to the islands. I am sorry we took them. R. & A.F., Bremerton, WA

Please accept this lava rock and express our apologies to Pele. We picked it up on a beach in Maui at my sister in law's wedding in 1997. We brought it back for our daughter to show to her class and to keep as a souvenir. We have had some minor bad luck since. The rock has been sitting in the top of the cabinet for years. I recently got it out to show our youngest daughter and our bad luck has gotten very bad since that day. We apologize for removing one of Pele's treasures and "thank you" for your service. G.H. & Family, Columbus, IN

Aloha, I bought these items in Hawaii and think they should be returned to your beautiful isle. I believe in God, not Bad Luck but I liked your website and your ceremony /handling. I have enclosed a donation for your assistance in returning these items. God Bless, D., Phoenix, AZ


No Name, from Great Britain


Dear Goddess Pele, Please accept my heartful apology for taking some of your sand and lava rocks back with me after my trip to Waikiki in June 2002. I was struck by the beauty of your islands, and wanted to carry that memory with me. It was only a few days ago that I learned about the "superstition" that taking your rocks will lead to bad luck. I have to say I have not encountered  much bad luck - until my fiance and I started planning a Hawaiian wedding. Things have been getting progressivly worse between us, and I hope that by returning these rocks, it will get my life straight again. Thank you for creating such a beautiful place. Thank you for providing this service!!! Blessed Be, E.M.F., Columbia, MD

My name is Stefan and I'm from Italy. I love so much the Hawaiian islands that the last time I was in Maui, I would take some Hawaiian energy  with me back home in form of 3 pieces of rock, 2 from Haleakala and 1 from a black beach on the way to Hana. I heard about Pele and some unluck stories from people that like me are back home with some rocks from the islands. Actually I'm good and pretty lucky, but I respect a lot the culture and this kind of stories. So I decided to send you back the three rocks, they should return to Hawaiian soil and I hope Pele will be no more angry to me. I did not know about the rules!! I'm sure I'm doing the right thing and I'm really sorry for my mistake!! Please bring them back and forgive me. Thank You, Stefan, Ora, Italy


We picked these lovely rocks up at the Hawaiian islands - the Big Island to be exact. We are not sure where we picked them up, but after hearing the tail of the angry goddess from a family member we thought it best to return these to where they belong. We hope the rock return to their home safely and in tact. Thank you for taking care of them. A. & S.F., Phoenix, AZ


Sand and rock from S.P., Richardson, TX


Please notify me by e-mail when the rocks have been received and returned to the Volcano. Thanks so much, C.C., Oakville, ON, Canada

In late 1997, we were fortunate to be able to visit Hawaii and enjoyed our visit and the people immensely. We visited the volcano area and left with some samples of lava rock. We were aware of the request not to do so, but my husband being a rock and mineral collector and my 9 year old son wanting to share his experience with his class, we disregarded the request (warning) as not applying to us. I am not superstitious in any way, but do believe there are powers, forces, energies that we do not understand. It may be as simple as the collective energy of the Hawaiian people not to have their homeland taken away for souvenirs. Regardless, l rediscovered these rocks which we have moved with us several times and decided it was time to return them. I am not a "dweller" on bad luck, especially since our family has been blessed with many advantages and good health. However, I do note that shortly after our return from Hawaii, we became aware of problems with a business partner which went from bad to worse and from which we have not been able to rebound. These rocks are returned with our apologies for taking them in disregard for the environment and those to whom they rightfully belong. Thank you for your efforts. No Name, Crossville, TX

Aloha, I am returning this lava rock. My family vacationed in Kauai a year ago, and we picked this up unaware of the consequences of doing so. This lava rock was from, I think, Lydgate Park, but not the Hauola Place of Refuge. I am so sorry for taking it. We have had a string of unfortunate luck since returning with the rock. I did not mean to offend to Pele. We are visiting Maui next week, and you can be sure we will not be coming home with any part of Hawaii, other than the amazing Hawaii 'spirit'. Mahalo, C.M., Lake Oswego, OR


In April 2001 I took some black sand from Punaluu Beach and some Lava Rocks from volcanos National Park. I did not find out it was bad luck until I returned home. It hasn't been a horrible year and a half - but a number of things have gotten us into a financial ?mire. Please help! S.B., Nashville, TN


Dear Rainbow Moon & Madam Pele: Please take these sacred pieces of lava back to your island where they belong. I took these items almost 20 years ago when I was a disc jockey at KHLO radio station in Hilo. I have felt terrible about this ever since. My life has not been a disaster, but I have had two failed marriages - one that failed while living there and one here in California. I am getting ready to marry for a third time and I want this marriage to last for the rest of my life. Immediately this lava rock came to mind. Please put it back for me and please grant me a successful marriage. Thank you for your help in this matter. I want to get back on track and be happy. This lava rock has been bothering my conscience for almost 20 years. Thank You, J.B., Cypress, CA


Please accept this sand which I purchased from someone in November of 2002. As I was born in Hawaii, but my family moved before I was even a year old, I had hoped to have some token of it, but I was unaware, as I'm sure the seller was, that taking sand and rocks from Hawaii is frowned upon. I'm not sure if I have recieved any bad luck due to this sand, but I do not want to disrespect the Goddess of my birthplace, and I hope Pele forgives this mistake with your blessing. Thank you very much! B.W., Cincinatti, OH


Lava Rocks returned. No Address


Aloha, as I thought it a good idea to return these souvenirs to where they belong to, kindly accept them and place them with all respect back on to Pele's residential island. Thanks and regards, S.v.S., Kiel, Germany


Thanks and sorry to all!, J.R., Ormond Beach, FL

I buy this Rock to Wal-Mart in Massena, New York. Thanks, Mr. & Mrs. B., Massena, NY

Lava Rock returned by F., Ward, AR


I am not shure if this sand that was sent to me as a book mark can bring me bad luck, but I don't want to chance it. It comes from the Island of Kauai and I would like to return it to Pele. Please forgive my father and step-mother for taking the sand. Thank you. B., Grande Prairie, AB, Canada


We are returning this lava rock, which was taken from Maleakala@Maui in December 2002. Thank you for offering your services to help the return of this rock. Unfortunately, there was another rock that we took but cannot find it now. We did not know about the legend of Kawaii's lava rocks and sincerely ask for forgiveness in taking a piece of Hawaii'sland with us. Once again, thank you! M.B. & L.P., Stillwater, OK


I picked this rock up at the beach of the Kona side of Hawaii of the Kohala coast while staying at the "Fairmont Orchid" FKA. Thanks, R.J.P., Houston, TX


Two Lava Rocks returned by K.B., Austin, TX


One small lava rock returned, No Address

Please return to the volcano! Too many odd? unusual things going wrong and misfurtune have befallen us. I ask Pele's forgiveness and blessings to you for your assistance. No Address.


Enclosed please find a small volcanic rock. unfortunately I am unable to afford you a well deserved donation at this time. A couple of months ago, I sent you, what I thought, was all the rocks that my friend removed from the Islands. His ex-wife just gave me this when returning the remainder of his belongings. Please return it to Pele - with our earnest humility. Blessed Be!, A.R., Wheeler, OR


Lava Rocks returned by T. & S.A., King of Prussia, PA


We made our first trip to Maui 4 years ago. We loved Haleakala so much and I wanted to remember it by taking a few pieces of the lava home with me. I had never heard that it was against Pele's wishes to take the lava. I put them in a box in my drawer to save. We later returned to Hawaii - 3 months ago and at that time, my sister told me to make sure not to take any lava, that it was bad luck and Pele disapproved. I had forgotten all about the first lava I brought home. I just discovered it last night when I was looking for something. I have to tell you our bad luck story. Two weeks after our first visit to Hawaii, 4 years ago, my husband lost his job. When we got home from Hawaii 3 months ago, my husband was layed off from his current job the day he returned. I never associated it with anything until last night when I found the lava rocks in my drawer. Could this be some bad luck? I'm not superstitious, but it is a coincidence. Mainly, I am returning the lava rocks out of respect for your island's customs and heritage because we loved it so much. Mahalo. K. & J.G., Lafayette NJ


Please return to Big Island (Black Sand). No Name, Honolulu, HI


Small Lava Rock and a piece of 'reticulated pumice' lava returned, No Name, Chandler, AZ


These belong to Pele. From Volcano National Park. My Regards to Pele. Sunny Days! No Name, Anchorage, AK

I am returning the Lava Rocks because my daughter wants them out of her house. I brought them back for my grandson's show 'n' tell in school. So far my son-in-law has lost his job twice. Please return the lava rock. Thank you. No Name, Wilmington, DE

Pele, we are sorry for taking your lava. We did not know about the curse. Please don't give us anymore bad luck. Sorry. The H. Family., Fresno, CA


Please return these to Madame Pele, Aloha, C.L., Lawrence, KS


Enclosed you will find the lava rock we took as an innocent souvenir for our daughter when we were on the Big Island last week. I hadn't heard of the legend of bad luck that follows one who possesses the lava, until I told a friend that I returned with a head cold that began on the plane and found our car in the airport parking lot with a flat tire. The day after I got home and had given the rock to my daughter, she was in a car accident. Please help us to return this rock to its rightful place before things get any worse.. Our sincerest apologies to the Goddess Pele. Thank You, The B. Family, Placerville, CA


Please send the picture back to J.A., Washington, DC, when one receive the lava rock, please. Thank you. (Sorry, we can't send pictures back, please copy the picture we have taken from your lava rock from this internet page)


Dear Rainbow Moon, Kindly return this Lava Rock to its rightful owner. Wishing you good Karma. I wish to apologize for my disrespectful act on the Goddess Pele. She knows. Sincerely, R.v.S., Rockdale, Australia


Even though I received this lava piece as a gift, please ask for Pele's forgiviness. Thanks very much, Pat, No Address.


No Name, Wauconda, IL (No Picture available)

---------------------------------------------pictures not taken yet

from Concord, NH


Returning - Maui National Park, Yr 2000. Please return and accept our apology. Thank you. The S., Corona, CA


from Toronto, ON, Canada

from D.V., Antylop, CA


Thank you for taking the rocks and donation I sent last fall. I found a few more pebbles which need to be returned. Thanks, L.R., Andover, MA


from F.P. & K.vN-P., Fresh Meadows, NY


I'm just a struggling college student, who could use a streak of better luck. I am returning these rocks that I took from Black Sands Beach some time in '97. Since then life is just bearable but not at its best. Therefore I figured I have nothing to lose. Thank you very much for returning them. Hope, this will cover some of the expense. Thank you for you all. R.M., Arlington TY


I have lived in Hawaii all my life and I indeed know the bad luck and curse that Madame Pele can have. I know better to take anything from her. I live on Oahu and had bought this plant that was growing out of a rock from a local store here. Ever since than I have had really bad luck and have been having really bad allergy to something. I found out that the Guy who sells these is using Lava Rock from the Big Island. Even though I was not the only one who took this, I would like to be the one to return these to her and ask her forgiveness. Aloha, O.B., Honolulu, HI


Thank you for returnig this lava to Pele. I had no idea I was not supposed to take it but I have had awful luck since I did. I appreciate your help. No Name, Washington, DC


No Name, San Diego, CA


from P.W., Acton, MA


Hello - These lava rocks were taken from Hawaii by my brother about 2 years ago. My whole family went over for my other brother's wedding... This is a long story, so I'll cut to the point: I told everyone that taking lava rocks was a (?) No-No, but apparently my brother didn't hear the warning... He and his girlfriend are going back to Hawaii soon. He called me up the other night and asked: "Do you remember the box I gave you for your birthday a couple of years ago? The one with the rocks in it, that I told you weren't Lava Rocks"... Well, they were Lava Rocks. I haven't had any noticable bad luck but I guess he has. They were going to bring the Lava back themselfes, but were worried about taking it on the plane. They asked me to mail the rocks back for them and I saw your website. I'm including the $xx they gave me for postage as a donation.Thank you very much. Also, if you could tell the Goddess that my brother has learned his lesson... and say "Hello" from me... That would be great! Thanks again! C.S, M.S. & P.J., Burlington, VT


We picked these rocks up on Waikiki Beach for our Wedding and honeymoon, not knowing they were lava rocks. It would have been nice to have been adviced while we were there not to pick rocks up on the beach as we are very accustomed to picking up rocks and shells along the beaches here. Thanks for your service. Never intended any harm or wrong doing. K.H., Wytheville, VI


We visited the Big Island several years ago and read with interest (and great respect) the stories of those whose lives had been impacted when they stole Pele's lava rocks. Imagine our horror when my mother-in-law, who has a time-share on Maui, sent us a package of island "gifts". We wouldn't open the Zigloc ba in which she sent the rocks, nor would we allow them to remain in our house. They are enclosed. Please return them to the Goddess with our most humble apologies. Sincerely, K.F.S., Memphis, TN

This is a rock that I've had many years, perhaps even so long as a decade or more. In that time, I have suffered immense sorrow. I never even thought twice about having this stone until the year that my husband and I were married. It was then that I made a connection that this was not something that belonged to me. We had at onetime, planned to return it, but never did. And while we have had some great joys in the time we've been married, we have also faced some horrific difficulties. Even to this very day, our luck never seems to get better and it's been one wave of hardship after another. We beseech the Goddess Pele to please accept her rock back with my/our deepest regrets. It was either given to me or purchased in a store here in the states. While I admire it greatly, it truly belongs to her and you have my deepest gratitude in returning this rock for me. J.S., Cedar Rapids, IA

My parents stole this over 30 years ago. Please return. Thanks, N.G.M., Rochester, NY


Pele, ease up Dude. Its only a rock... Your unlucky friend. (Greg?), Garland, TX


No Name, Toronto, ON, Canada


One small Rock, No Address



Please return this black lava rock to a respectful place. It was taken from Black Sand Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii. My husband took it from the island back in 1988. He was unaware that he was not supposed to take the rocks or sand from the Island. Thank you so much for your help. Sincerely, P.T., Natick, MA


from C., Honolulu, HI (mailed from Groton, CT)



Please forgive me for taking this rock from Haleakala crater, Maui. I am returning it to you so that the wrong can be righted.

Thank you, P.J.L., San Diego, CA - P.S. I like your website!!


2003_75.jpg (59692 bytes)

2003_76.jpg (68817 bytes) - Dear madam Pele:  Enclosed are some lava rocks, we collected while we were on our honeymoon in 1990 in Oahu.  We flew over to the Big Island to see the Volcano.  We took lava rocks to show our families ta home.  We did not know about Pele or that it was wrong.  We ahve not had any seriously bad luck, but irritating little things that seem to happen to us more than any one else.  Please return these rocks for us and applogies to Pele.  Thank you. Sincerely , T. & D. T. Red Deer , Alberta, Canada. 

2003_77.jpg (56734 bytes) - 2 photo cans of "Pele's Hair", one with lava rocks. - Gaithersburg, MD
2003_74.jpg (74028 bytes) - Black Sand taken from Black Sand Beach - K.R., Hawaiian Gardens, CA ** Thank you for you kind donation!
2003_54.jpg (75433 bytes)- High Ridge, MO 
2003_73.jpg (72903 bytes) - J. Y., Gardena, CA

2003_72.jpg (69025 bytes) - Thanks a lot for offering to keep this volcanic rock (grene sand and black sand) on the Big Island.  We visited Volcano, HI last week, and we thougth it would be ok to take this since they sold it on the beach, and een though we are not really superstitious, we've had a couple of weird coincidences (like broken car window and a gas leak in the neighborhood) and we figured it's better safe than sorry.  Please accept this small donation as a thnk you, and please keep  the sand on the Big Island.  Thanks again.  Sincerely, Hawaii Visitor, Boothwyn, PA

2003_105.jpg (65969 bytes)
I am returning the beautiful black sand and the lava rocks to its sacred homeland. Please ask forgiveness to Madam Pele for me. A month after my family and I got back from Hawaii in August 2003, I experienced a few mishap and I begin to realize that it's time to return what I've taken from the island. I will revisit the beautiful islands of Hawaii again but for sure to leave the beautiful sand and rocks to where they belong. Madam Pele, I adore your beauty and your islands in Paradise. Please forgive me for taking your treasure away but I am returning it with love. R.P.C., Gilbert, AZ

2003_106.jpg (63277 bytes)

Please return these. Thanks! M.C.J., Fullerton, CA

2003_94.jpg (69382 bytes) - Law Offices  Los Angeles, CA
2003_93.jpg (61708 bytes) - Please accept this lava rock & black sand I took from the Big Island when I was a kid.  Thank you for giving this a respectful return . Kendar E. Nashua, NH

2003_107.jpg (60310 bytes)
Greetings! I am sending to you the enclosed stones and Pele's hair, with the wish that you will return them to Pele for me.  As for the story, it goes like this. When I was in high school, back in the late '80's, I had the opportunity to visit my father on the main island for a couple of weeks. While I was there, we took the opportunity to go to Volcano National Park, to see the magnificent scenery .Always wanting to remember the experience, and being a bit of an amateur rockhound, I decided to take some of the flows back with me. I had no idea of the bad luck that was associated with doing so. Now, I should say that before this trip, I was never the luckiest of people anyway, but ever after, my life just just seemed a bit darker, if you will. Things just never seemed to go my way, never anything really huge, but always little things. I'm not a very superstitious person, preferring to find a logical explanation for things. However, to paraphrase Sherlock Holmes, once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the answer.

Given no other evidence, I have no alternative to take the curse at face value. Please return these to Pele, with my sincerest apologies for my offense. Thank you, M. R., New London, CT

2003_104.jpg (72593 bytes)
Enclosed please find two volcanic rocks. I recently acquired these from my boyfriends things. He wrote me from prison, that he had removed them from the Big Island in 2000. We want to return these to 'Pele' and beg for forgiveness. His story is short form... After returning home, his marriage progressively got worse, it ended when he went to prison. He was pulled over on a fluke and had his vehicle searched where they found a gun. He was doing nothing wrong when he was pulled over, they searched the vehicle on bogus probable cause and when he went to court he was denied repression of evidence... he's doing 2 1/2 yrs. Shortly before I was going to apply to visit him, I was hit by a motorcycle and arrested on a DUII (of which I am not guilty, blew a .03). I have been waiting over a year to go to trial. They won't let me visit him till my case is resolved. (My trial is 9/23 & 24). So, as you can see... REALLY bad luck has followed this man since. We pray that these be returned to their sacred ground. A.R., A.C., Wheeler, OR

2003_90.jpg (60401 bytes) - Please return these rocks ( and lava dust) for us, with apologies.  Joan & Afira, Santa Monica, CA
2003_87.jpg (58347 bytes)- Please return to Pele - Too mch bad luck experienced to list. PMZ, Colchester, CT.

2003_81.jpg (61787 bytes) - Please return to their rightful spot.  I never had so much bad luck since I have returned from Hawaii in December. Thanks! Kim, Clarkston, MI

2003_85.jpg (61644 bytes) - I am returning these lava rocks taken during a trip to the Hawaiian Islands in March of 1998.  I thought the superstitions about being plagued by problems or events by taking them only pertained if you sold them for a profit.  My son who vacationed in Hawaii in 2002 told us differently.  We have had several things that have occurred since.  A fire at our electrical business loation, a fire at our home, a car accident, health problems, and recently the foreclosure of apartment buildings which allowed us to go to Hawaii in the first place.  The older lava rocks were taken in the location where the astronauts trained for the moon missions and the newer ones either in Kilauea Park or on the unregulated side of the park.  Please return these. Sincerely, J.A.M, Lowville, NY

2003_101.jpg (68057 bytes) Received  - Brookfield, CT

2003_95.jpg (68783 bytes) - I am not sure which island this rock came from some 35 years ago, but upon returning to Maui for our second honeymoon I was standing on the edge of a small cliff when for no reason it gave way and I fell some 15 feet braking my left leg in 5 places and destroying my left elbow.  As there was no one on Maui with the experience to treat such a severe injury, I was air ambulanced to California where I underwent two operations in June of 2002 and required a second in May of this year.  Now htat I am recovering, I have just found out that I am being replaced in my current high level position at work.  Though I am really not superstitious, I can ill afford to take any unnecessary risk and ask that you give Madame Pele my sincere apology an dsay an extra good luck forgiveness prayer.  I look forward to a brighter and luckier future. M.H., Fullerton, CA 

2003_96.jpg (62895 bytes) - Please return to black sand beach.  We hope our bad luck will go away.  Thank you very much. G.P.Z & Z.Y.K., Millbrae, CA 

2003_102.jpg (68474 bytes)
Enclosed please find the lava rock that I unfortunately had taken from the volcano 14 years ago. Recently I was advised that lava rocks taken from Hawaii brings bad luck, which would explain some of the unfortunate events that have ocured these past 14 years. A.E.J., J & V.D.E, Lima, Ohio

2003_54.jpg (75433 bytes)-  We would like to return the lava rocks we took last September when we visited the island of Kona. We did not know at the time that the rocks are sacred and they should not be removed.  We enjoyed our trip so much we wanted to take a piece of the island back with us.  Please return the rocks and forgive us.  Thank you. MC Family, Vero Beach, FL

2003_57.jpg (71321 bytes) - Last year my husband and I retired, and one of our special treats was a cruise thru the Hawaiian Islands, which we did in January.  We were there a total of 2 weeks and it was everything we hoped for and more.  I picked up a small piece of lava somewhere, (we are rock and crystal collectors), never dreaming of what might come.  Since then we have lost half of our retirement savings to a scam artist and will have to go back to work.  ...I don't expect a miracle, but please work your magic on the enclosed piece of lava and hopefully nothing worse will happen.  Many thanks!  D.S, Las Vegas, Nevada 

2003_58.jpg (81746 bytes)

2003_61.jpg (71360 bytes) - Many years ago (around 18 to 20) my parents visited Hawaii and brought back sand.  They gave some of it to me.  Over the years I have not given much thought to it.  On several occasions I have seen programs about the legend of bad luck when the sand is removed.  I am not particularly superstitious and found the information interesting but never really gave it serious thought over the years my life seems to be full of drama and what could be considered "bad luck".  I don't know if there is anything to this legend but I decided to return the sand just in case.  Both my parents are deceased so I have no idea exactly where it came from.  I've been tempted to throw it away over the years but that didn't seem right.  I am grateful for your web site as it provided me a way to return the sand.   S.M., Phelan, California 

- Having grown up and lived in Hawaii for many years, I know that one should never remove lava rocks or stones from the islands.  When my family went to Maui this year (May 2003), I warned them not to take any as souvenirs.  When we returned home to the mainland, we started to have a run of bad luck and problems.  Emotional, medical and financial.  I didn't think too much of this until slowly it dawned on me that before this trip everything was up, and after everything was down.  I asked everyone of the family if they had taken any lava rocks, and sure enough, my stepson produced one.  Being a kama'aina, I knew it had to go back and quickly.  I was happy to find your website and your care in returning the rocks to the rightful owner.  Mahalo nui for your help.  Please email me when it is reverently returned.  Thank you, T.J., Murrietta, CA   

2003_59.jpg (52284 bytes)- J.C, Tampa, Florida

2003_56.jpg (68252 bytes) - Dear Pele, Please accept our humblest & most sincere apologies for removing your sacred land & rock from Maui.  Thank You, M.A., M.S. & E.S., South Bend, IN

2003_55.jpg (56628 bytes) - Please forgive me for bringing this lava rock home.  I was not aware tht it angered Madame Pele!  Thank You, S.F., Chillicothe, Ohio

2003_48.jpg (60736 bytes) -  Dear Rainbow Moon,  Enclosed is a lava rock and donation for its return. It was given to me on the outskirts of Kona the day after the 2003 Kona Marathon.  Nothing but bad luck has occurred since.  Thank you for returning it to its rightful place.  Sincerely, A.G., Ferndale, ME

2003_53.jpg (58536 bytes)  - I did not intend to take these rocks back home with me after a tour guide informed us of the bad luck it may bring.  However, I had already collected a bunch from the beach in front of our hotel (Hyatt in Kanapali) and some from the Kapalua beaches.  I also picked the big round black one on our trip to Hana at the black beach.  I intended to leave them in Maui, but inadvertently forgot to take them out of my bag before returning home.  I did not realize I had them until i unpacked.  We had a bit of bad news on our return (my husband was transferred t a location he did not want), and wanted to return the rocks in case the bad luck story was true.  Just in case.  Thank You.  Yorba Linda, CA  

2003_108.jpg (52520 bytes)
Since I first emailed you it has taken me a while to find an envelope the right size for this stick! Thanks again for your comforting words and offer to accept my returning this stick to its island. Mahalo! Amy S. K., Oakland, CA

2003_62.jpg (50527 bytes)  - L.P.L., Laredo, Texas

2003_65.jpg (60249 bytes) - my husband and I recently visited Hawaii during our honeymoon, where we picked up some black sand and pebles from a beach in Maui, located on the road to Hana.  We were not aware that this is a "no-no' until a couple of friends told us upon our return.  Fortunately , I was able to obtain information on the Internet about how to return the black sand to Hawaii, and enclosed is our packet.  please retunr the sand and rocks to their rightful place with our apologies.  Thank you in advance for this kind gesture.  Sincerely, M. & P. R., Long Island, New York 

2003_89.jpg (94232 bytes) - I had no idea it was bad luck or illegal when I took these the other day.  I can't get back to the Big Island so I hope you can take care of them for me.  Thank You. Honolulu, Hawaii 

2003_46.jpg (36632 bytes)- Black Sand...  Enclosed is a bag of black sand my father took from one of the islands many years ago.  From the day he returned with the sand his luck went down hill.  Some how after he moved, it got left in my possession and I haven't had any good luck since being around it.  I would like to return it to Hawaii in your care.  Thanks in advance!   E.N., Newnan, GA

2003_64.jpg (61323 bytes) - We visited the Hawaiian Islands Feb. 2003.  We took two rocks and some sand from the islands.  We were told that if we took rocks or sand from the islands it would bring bad luck.  We are returning these items because it seems we have had bad luck since we returned home.  Thank you for taking care of this.  R&G.C., Canada. 


My husband and I were visiting the Island of Maui. An Angel Therapist had told me told me to pick up some lava rock and bring it back while we were there. I did and after I got back I heard it was bad luck to bring it back with you. I am not sure to this day

if l had received bad advice. My inner voice says it must be returned now. Some of it I had given away and am still trying to retrieve. Have you ever heard of times when the angels advise to bring home the lava rock? With the angel's permission and the asking of Pele upon taking the lava and thanking her for the gift. Does this put a different spin on the legend? Now it is time to return it. I appreciate you returning it to Pele and thanking her for it's use and apologize if we offended her in any way. Our Sincere Thanks, M. & S.S., Lawson, MO


2003_47.jpg (63905 bytes) - A.W. & J.O., Kansas City, MO

2003_45.jpg (31235 bytes)  - Black Sand, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2003_49.jpg (61881 bytes) -    M.J., Anaheim, California 
2003_84.jpg (60644 bytes) -Black Sand, Palm Beach, Florida


Please accept this lava rock and my most humble apologies about taking it. We were not aware of this mistake. Please bless us. My apologies to Pele and the rock I treasured since 1986. When I heard about the curse I realized my error. I am sorry for keeping it from its home for so long. S.Cavell, Jacksonville, FL

2003_52.jpg (61836 bytes) -  ...Could you return enclosed piece of lava.  I have had it for many years.  I traded for it to add o my rock collection when I was a child..Thank you, P.M.L., Quincy, MA
2003_50.jpg (52353 bytes)  -  Life Insurance Company, Frazer, Pennsylvania

2003_51.jpg (64532 bytes) -   -
 Dear Rainbow Moon,  I am so glad I came upon your website with directions for returning lava rocks to Hawaii.  My husband and I recently visited the Big island with a large group of people from the company I work for.  During our trip, we joked with some friends abut the "bad luck" associated with taking the lava off of the island.  As a joke, a co-worker and her husband mailed us two lava rocks, which we received a week or so after we returned home.  My husband and I are both very superstitious and needless to say, we didn't find the joke very funny.  All types of bad things started happening the day we received the lava.  That evening, my husband locked his only truck keys in his truck while it was running.  This was of course when we were on our way to our son's first baseball game.  Needless to say we were very late for the game, and the team hasn't won a game all season.  the next day, I tried to get out of bed and realized that my back was out.  I was off work for a whole week and have had problems on and off with my back ever since.  My children have had strange injuries.  My husband has his own business and things have not been going very smooth for him.  We have had unexpected expenses come up and have been having trouble making ends meet financially.  Our children's dog ran away.  Believe me, I could go on forever with all the turmoil that has been taking place.  Thank you so much for returning the rocks back where they belong.  .....  Thank you. S & K. B., Herhin


Sorry for taking Lava Rocks when I was visiting Hawaii and I thought it would be nice to take some home. My apology to madame Pele for taking rocks. M.E. Simpson, Maple Shade, NJ

2003_63.jpg (78247 bytes) - Thanks for your web site and wonderful information.  My sister, who is a Hawaiian Tropic girl, has been to Hawaii a million times.  One day, right around the time my luck started to change for the worse, she brought me this beautiful little black lava rock.  Well, it has been 6 years and I am at my wits end.  So, please take this back for me.  I didn't ask for the rock, and didn't want the rock and all that came with it.  My sister has led the jet set life and has re-visited Hawaii many times.  But me?  I work my ass off and get nothing and will probably never see the likes of Hawaii in my lifetime.  So with this being said, I need you to return it form me.  I am very sorry I can't donate anything to you though, but would appreciate your services.  I hope you don't mind.  I am a single mother now, working for peanuts, regretting just about every decision I've ever made, and struggling to be happy.  My life is crap and maybe by making this effort things will change.  ...sometimes I wonder if she gave this to me on purpose! :-) ...Thanks for your help!  KYM, Ormond Beach, FL ...

- The enclosed lava rock was foolishly taken from the bottom o fthe crater near the Thurston lava tube ( I think it's called Kilauea Caldera).  I surprised myself with my lack of environmental conscientiousness.  It was not until after I returned home that I learned of the extreme bad luck that is believed to occur after removing a lava rock from the national park.  I am returning this rock along with my humble and sincere apologies to Pele and to the Hawaiian people. 

2003_86.jpg (57127 bytes)- You were kind enough to return a lava rock I sent you last August.  Recently, while  cleaning out my storage unit, I came accross another lava rock that I had given to my son and forgotten about.  I have enclosed that rock.  Please do me the favor of returning this one as well.  It would certainly be appreciated.  

2003_68.jpg (63162 bytes) - Norman, Oklahoma ... we do not know "why", or "from who" we got this pewter medallion, but it is not lava rock, and there was no message inside the envelope ..(but it was sent to Attn.: Lava Rock Return..)... so maybe if who sent it to us reads this.....send us a note and explain...we are curious... Aloha!

2003_109.jpg (67487 bytes)
Our father first visited Hawaii while serving in the Navy during WWII. Since that time, our parents, both of whom loved

the peace and beauty of Hawaii, have made several trips to the islands. Both are gone now and in the process of going through

their belongings, we came upon this piece of lava. We do not know where it came from specifically, but we do know of the

belief that removing the rock from it's home was not good. We are sure that our parents meant no disrespect, rather taking it out of fascination for the awe and beauty of the volcano. Please accept our apologies on their behalf and return this piece to it's rightful home. We are grateful for your respectful handling of this situation and would appreciate a picture to commemorate the event. Thank you for your assistance, The Blaser Family, K. Blaser, Westerville, OH

2003_88.jpg (62975 bytes) - Pleae accept this donation and my offer to Pele for the return of the sacred lava I removed from her.  If I had known that it had so much meaning I would have never took it.  I am an avid rock hound but never want to disrespect nature.  she is very important to me an dI hope she will forgive me for my ignorance.  Please let me know when the offering has been made so I can make peace with her.  Thank you, Sincerely D.M. Santa Rosa, CA

2003_91.jpg (70854 bytes) - Please return these rocks to Pele for me.  Thank You!. J.R., San Diego, CA

2003_78.jpg (60850 bytes) I am returning these stones and black sand.  When I was at the airport and the gentleman told me that some people return them, I just laughed thinking this was a joke.  Well.....since our return, we haven't what you could say nay good luck at all.  Too many things have gone wrong.  

We have had an accident, lost money, and too many other other weird things go wrong.  We got these in Maui, when we were on the road to Hana.  We stopped at Black Sand Beach where they also had Blow Holes there.  I would surely appreciate it very much if you could return these for me.  I am not really a supersticious person, but this give me an eerie feeling.  

I really had never heard of this until lately.  when I looked it up on the internet and found your website, I knw for sure that the man at the airport kneow what he was talking about. ....Believe me, if I had known this, I would hot have taken this many11  Expensive to ship back!!!!!  Thanks wever so much for your trouble.  I am really sorry for not believing the man a the airport.  SIncerely, Donna , Lemont Furnace, PA

2003_119.jpg     I'm glad I found your website regarding returning lava rocks from Hawaii. The one included comes from my son who realized it should be returned to Pele. I'm glad you're finding a special way to honor the planet! Thank you, B.C. & B.M., Santa Fe, NM


2003_70.jpg (74481 bytes) , Seattle , Washington
2003_98.jpg (63017 bytes)  -  F & K. P., Fresh Meadows, New York

2003_100.jpg (51317 bytes) - My wife and I were on our honeymoon in November of 2001.  We were on the Big Island between the airport and our lodging, when we picked up the coral and lava rock.  We had just spelled our names out and then we decided to bring some of both home with us.  Since we have come home we have just continually had bad luck.  Please return the rocks to the area, if you would.  Hopefully our luck will improve. Than you for your help.  Pattie and Steve. S., East Burlin, PA

2003_92.jpg (62390 bytes) - Thank you for returning the black sand.  I don't know if I have experienced bad luck, but I want Pele to have it back.  Thank You.  Michelle & Cody, Bellingham, Wa

2003_80.jpg (67062 bytes) - Dear Madam Pele:  I return to you your gifts (black & red sand) that you gave to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.  They are being returned with a sincere apology for selfishly removing from the Black Sand Beach on our tour " The Road to Hana".  I have collected rocks and sand from various places around the US, but somehow it just dIdn't seem right in helping myself & taking it home.  

I have enjoyed having the sand but return it with joy & sorrow too.  Joy because it is going "back home" & sorrow because it was sacred & very special to me.  I was very fortunate that Pele did not show her wrath on e although my life has not known the joy & serenity & love tha tit once knew since I have had possession of the sand.  However, I do feel a great sense of peace knowing it is going home. 

I apologize again and ask Pele that she be instrumental in allowing me to make another trip to Hawaii - the time to marvel at her creations & to enjoy it once again only to have with wonderful memories and nothing more.  I will greatly miss Pele's "children".  With utmost respect, admiration & love, Sincerely Joan P., Waterloo, WI   PS: Hawaii indeed is a very beautiful sacred and spiritual place.  ALOHA.

2003_79.jpg (58873 bytes) - I visited Oahu & Maui in march 2002 & fell in love with the islands.  I thought that gathering white, red, and black sand to layer in a glass bowl would be nice memento of my wonderful vacation.

I had read & heard of Pele punishing those who removed lava rock from the islands with a curse of bac luck.  I thought that removing the sand would be alright because I had heard that a park ranger started the legend to stop people from leaving the rocks all over.  

In the past year I have come to believe in Pele with all my heart.  2 weeks after returning my boyfriend was badly burned & needed extensive hospitalization & skin grafts.  My mother almost died, I have been in a car accident, my cats have both been ill, my dad had a heart attack, discovered a tumor behind his eye & has been in a serious car accident in which 4 kids were killed.  

I am not taking any more chances & am returning ALL the sand I took.  I removed it from different beaches on Maui & hope that the curse will be removed ever though I am returning it to you on the Big Island.  

I pray that pele forgive me for taking her children from her for my own selfish reasons.  Your ti leaf and orchid blessing sounds beautiful, that is why I chose to sen dthe sand back to you instead of the post office of Maui.  

Please make sure ht esand is returned& that Pele knows I am truly very sorry.

I hope to visit your beautiful islands again in the near future...  Mahalo from my entire heart, Kristin  S. , Waterloo, WI

My husband and I returned just this week from a trip to Hawaii and brought back some lava rock from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and black sand from the Black Sand Beach at Waianapanapa State Park on Maui. After we were home, we heard that you are not supposed to take these things from Hawaii. We had no idea and are very sorry for doing this. When I was on the Internet researching this, I discovered your Web site and that's when I found out about the bad luck associated with taking these items. We would be most appreciative if you could return these items for us. We would return these items in person, but, unfortunately, we're not sure when we'll be back to your beautiful state. Thank you so much for your services. And, please accept our sincere apologies for taking the lava rock and black sand. C. & G.S., Indianapolis, IN


Madame Pele - Sorry for taking the black sand with my ex-fiance. Thanks! H.I., Matawan, NJ


2003_82.jpg (76660 bytes)   -  * Note: THIS IS OBSEDIAN - not lava rock from Hawaii.  
Madam Pele : I am sending this lava rock to you seeking information , forgiveness, and to ask for the curse to uplifted from my husband and I.  We are good people that need a break from all the bad things that has happen to us in the past several years. 

I received this as a gift from a friend but had no idea what type of rock it was until about one year ago thought cool, until my husband and I saw show about cures when lava rock is removed from it sacret  place, so I called my friend inquiring where he got this rock, he said from his neighbor. I asked him if he could ask if she got this from - Hawaii, he then said  he couldn't .  I asked why, he replied, because she pasted away.  I was in shock, from what I asked, from obesity.  Her age as about 40's.  So I need your help in returning this back to its home. Also, can you let me know if this lava rock came from Hawaii or not, I figure it can't hurt to send it to Hawaii wheather it came from hther eor not..or should I find out more about the rock and where it came from and send it there, thats where I hope you can help us. in telling us more aobut htis peice of lava rock.  Also my husband and I ask Madame Pele to forgive us for excepting this as a gift, and to remove any curse that has been sent upon us.  much Thank & Love, Karen & Kim C. Orange, CA 

2003_83.jpg (58840 bytes)   - Please return the enclosed rocks to the isalnd of Maui.  My husband and I were there two years ago and he wanted to bring a piece of beautiful Maui home with him, at the time I told him it was a bad idea - but home they came with us - since then nothing but bad things have happened. - job losses, illness, one thing after another.  Please return the se rocks to a peoaceful place where they will be happy.  We are sincerely sorry and we hope your lovely ceremony will appease Madam pele and anyone else who has been offended by the removal of these rocks.  K & M, San Dimas, California 

2003_103.jpg (70861 bytes)
I'm returning this lava to you as I didn't know at the time, when I picked it up I should not have taken it. Thank you for your time. R.E. G-D., Milford, MA

Lava Rock from the island of Hawaii. Please give those rocks a good home! Thank you! C.R.L, Cupertino, CA


Dear Rainbow Moon, in 1986 my wife and I won a trip to Maui through a church raffle. The Trip was for one week on Maui, and was all inclusive except for our meals. We decided to stay for a second week on Kauai, and this part of the trip we paid for. The first week was wonderful, and the weather was beautiful every day. We were there over Christmas of that year. While we were swimming on a public beach near Lahaina, I found a Lava rock floating and picked it up. It was pretty neat, and I thought my son would like to have it as a souvenir. So I kept it, even though I had heard rumors about the bad luck. Well the next week we were in Kauai, it rained every day all day, and that week Hawaii received 18 inches of rain. I really had not thought about the lava rock, and so we came back to Wisconsin. About 4 years later my wife called me at work one day and told me she was leaving. I wasn't sure what she meant, as we had never argued or fought in the 11 years we were together. So by the time I got home, she was gone, and a friend of hers was watching our four children ages 3,4,6,8. I was devastated, and later found out she had become involved in drugs. So we were divorced, and a few years later, I met a very nice women, who after a long court ship (6 years) became my wife. Well things did not go well between her and my children, although we got along fine. This December I was cleaning out the garage, and I came across the lava rock that someone had move out to the garage. I picked it up, and said to myself I I really need to return this to Maui. Well three weeks after that, my current wife decided she wanted to leave me also. No real reason, she just said she wasn't happy any more. We were only married 4 !/2 years. She said she still loves me a lot, but moved out on Jan. 17th. She has set a court date for our divorce on June 2nd. I'm returning this lava rock in hopes that maybe she will change her mind between then and now, but I'm not too hopeful. I'm really hoping that even if she does not return, that if I ever would get married again, that this does not happen any more. My heart is broken, and I realize that I never should have brought the lava rock home. So I hope you will offer this piece of the islands back to Pele, and all my bad luck is taken away and replaced with some good luck. Thank you so much, G. V. V. Waukesha WI.

p .S. Enclosed is a check for $XX. Maybe the extra can cover the cost for someone else who might not be able to afford it. Thanks again, G.V.V.


I received the black sand sometime in 1976 from my Godmother as a gift. I was nine years old at the time. I have saved the sand in its original bottle as a keepsake with all my other sacred belongings. It was only till this week 2003 I was made aware of the superstition surround volcanic sand removed from Hawaii. I am returning the sand because if the "bad luck" myth is true - it explains EVERYTHING for the last 26 years - You have no idea!!! Give it back to Pele with my sincere apologizes. Thanks, K.K., Woburn, MA

2003_97.jpg (30014 bytes)  - Please return to Pele for me and ask for my forgiveness, Thank You. - Orlando, Florida
2003_66.jpg (69595 bytes)   - Please return this little fellow to his home in the National park so he can be nearer to Pele.  Thank you very much. S.P. Euless, Texas

2003_110.jpg (70006 bytes)
This little beauty came from PU'uO'o. It was picked up and brought home by a friend of mine who gave it to me as a gift.  Thanks. I have had it for about 21/2 weeks now and so far only had I had thing has happened. But that's too many for me. Sooo I am sending it back home. It will be interesting to see if that situation corrects itself once the lava has been returned. If so, I will let you know. Thank you so much. S.Duffy, Santa Ana, CA

2003_99.jpg (65788 bytes)   - Found some more - her you go!! Thank you for returning the last batch. 

2003_67.jpg (65668 bytes)   - I am returning this "souvenir" with a small donation.  We are not sure but, this souvenir looks like it has been sculpted from lava rock.  We purchased this in Kauai and yes, we've had some bad luck ever since!  We are not superstitious by nature but why take any chance.  Thanks, Sue Z., Orlando, FL. 

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