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Tropical Flowers from the Big Island of Hawaii

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Pricing is plus $ 20 FedEx Standard Overnight shipping
PRIORITY OVERNIGHT SHIPPING (Saturday Delivery)  additional $10.00

Item # Description Price

2 ea. anthurium, 2 ea. ginger, 2 ea. bird of paradise, greens, vase and foam $34.95
3 ea. anthurium, 3 ea. ginger, 2 ea. bird of paradise, greens, vase and foam $44.95
3 ARC anthurium, 3 red anthurium, 2 bird of paradise, 3 red. ginger, greens, vase and foam $49.95

* Includes Vase & Foam

Tropical Flower Boxes
* Includes Vase & Foam


Tropical Flower Boxes
* Includes Vase & Foam

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