Anthuriums from Hawaii are known for their especially long vase life. Depending on the variety and season, this heart-shaped favorite can retain its straight-from-the-tropics freshness for up to 45 days.

The following tips from Hawaii’s tropical flower experts will help you make the most of the astonishing anthurium. Purchase flowers when the spadix (the tail-like part), which is actually a protruding floral cluster has 75 percent open miniature flowers. You’ll know the anthurium is mature when the spadix changes color from a yellowish/off-white to white and its surface becomes rougher. Unpack the flowers immediately and carefully. Creasing or folding the heart-shaped part of the flower will cause the injured areas to darken.

Trim 1/2 to 1 inch off the stems, being careful not to mash them. If the flowers are wilted or flaccid upon unpacking, submerge whole flowers for 10 to 15 minutes in 70 to 80 degrees F water. Place the flowers in a clean vase and one that contains clean water (with or without a floral preservative). Avoid storing anthuriums at temperatures lower than their ideal 55 degrees F for any length of time. This way you’ll reduce the likelihood of a chilling injury, which causes the flower to darken.

Re-cut stems once. Use clean water - with or without a floral preservative. Keep flowers away from heat sources and drafts.

Dendrobium Orchids
The dendrobium orchid, a most elegant tribute to the image of Hawaii as paradise has for centuries symbolized love, tenderness, joy and friendship. But, to the florist, the dendrobium symbolizes much more. Not just ease of use and length of vase life, but versatility as well. The cascading sprays and delicate beauty of these the quintessential flower of the tropics enhance occasions from the everyday to the extravagant.

Cut Flowers
To retain the dendrobium’s radiance for up to two weeks, follow these healthful hints.

Unpack the flowers immediately. Trim up to 1/2 inch off the stems. Place the flowers in a clean vase with clean water or a commercial floral preservative. If your dendrobiums are wilted upon unpacking, simply submerge whole sprays for 10 to 15 minutes in cool tap water. Dendrobium orchids are slightly sensitive to ethylene. To avoid ethylene buildup, you’ll want to ensure adequate ventilation and sanitary conditions. What are the ideal storage conditions for dendrobium orchids? These tropical treasures will stay their loveliest when held in water and at 50 to 55 degrees F. Holding dendrobiums for more than a week at temperatures below 45 degrees can cause blooms to discolor or drop.

Re cut stems once or twice per week. Use clean water with or without a floral preservative. Keep flowers away from heat sources.
Avoid temperatures below 45 degrees F.

Dendrobium Orchid Plants
The exotic Dendrobium orchid was grown in Hawaii under natural conditions. Your orchid plant will thrive in normal household conditions. No green house is necessary.

Place plant near window with morning or late afternoon sun. Can be placed outside in summer in partial shade.

Volcanic cinders are used as medium to retain moisture as well as providing air for the roots. Water plant twice a week as needed (do not over water). Fertilize once a month misting with a general water-soluble fertilizer (14-14-14 or 30-10-10). Follow instructions on the label.

When plant outgrows its pot, repot into larger pot. You can use fir bark, coco-chips, and rock as potting material.

Temperature: 55 to 85 degrees F. Do not expose to extreme cold.


Long-lasting Hawaiian tropicals heliconias, gingers and exotics come in a rainbow of shapes and sizes. In fact, tropicals range in length from six inches to six feet and in tone from the deepest coral to the richest orange. What this means is an unsurpassed selection of bold lines and vibrant colors. To help their luster last, here’s the best way to treat tropicals.

Unpack the flowers immediately. Trim 1/2 to 1 inch from the end of each stem. Place the flowers in a clean vase with clean water. Wet flower heads and foliage daily to prevent dehydration. Keep flowers away from heat sources and air conditioning ducts. If heliconias or birds of paradise are supplied to you in a closed condition, open one or two flowers by hand from their protective bracts or spathe. Bird of paradise should be stored at temperatures above 45 degrees F, while gingers and heliconias should not be stored below 65 degrees F. To prevent gingers from bending, you’ll want to hold them vertically. Good news. These flowers aren’t ethylene sensitive. The bird of paradise’s tendency to produce a lot of nectar can sometimes lead to mold growth on the flower. This mold can be removed easily by washing the flower with plain warm, soapy water and rinsing with clean water.

Re cut stems once. Use clean water with or without a floral preservative.
Keep flowers away from heat sources, air conditioning drafts, and direct sunlight.
Clean vase when changing water. Tropicals have long vase life, up to two weeks.


It's no wonder the protea was named after the Greek god who could change his appearance at will. That's because this tropical treasure offers a startling diversity of shapes, sizes, hues and even textures -- all merging to create more than 1,400 varieties that entice you to literally feel their color. Despite this diversity, all protea share a common advantage -- excellent keeping qualities.
Here are easy ways for you to take advantage of the protea advantage.

Unpack the flowers immediately. Trim up to 1/2 inch (off of the stems,) being careful not to mash them. Remove leaves that will be in the vase solution. Protea are thirsty, so you'll want to maintain an adequate supply of clean water, preferably with a floral preservative, in, of course, a clean vase. The ideal storage temperature for all protea varieties is in a floral refrigerator between 36 - 50 degrees fahrenheit. If you notice leaf discoloration on some of your protea Minks, for example rest assured that this is a natural phenomenon and does not diminish the usability of the product. Removing leaves immediately around the flower head can enhance flower display. But keep in mind that you can obtain some control through the use of commercial floral preservatives, ideal storage temperatures, and adequate light. You can dry protea by hanging them upside down in a dark place. Or simply let your arrangement dry naturally.

Re cut stems once.
Use clean water — with or without a floral preservative.
Keep flowers away from heat sources and drafts.
Display near a window when possible.



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