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We specialize in creating custom Awards and Recognition Gifts for : 

Hawaii Business & Corporate Customers
     Fairwell Gifts, Retirement Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Employee of the Month      
     Recognition Gifts

Hawaii Non-Profit Organizations
    Promotional Giveaway Gifts, Donor Recognition Gifts

Hawaii Events
    Awards, Plaques, Name Tags

Hawaii Clubs /  Schools  Sports Teams
     Award Plaques, Competition Trophies

 Hawaii Government
    Dignitary Gifts
    Diplomatic Goodwill Gifts
    Omeage Gifts

 Hawaii General Public
    Anniversary Plaques
    Marriage Prayer Plaques
    Photograph Plaques
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Hawaii Koa Wood Paddle Trophies

Solid Koa Wood Paddle Award

Custom Surfboard Awards

Koa Wood Surfboard Awards

Engraved Koa Wood Chopsticks

Solid Koa Wood Paddle Award

Koa Wood Event Trophies