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"These items have sold" and are not available.  
However, if you see something you like let us know and we can check if  we can make a similar board. 

The "Friendship" Cribbage Board - "Aloha" - SOLD -
This cribbage board is perfect if you like to play cribbage with your friends.  This board is just gorgeous.  Nice Koa curls wrap around the board and one side features the natural edge of the tree to give it its own unique style, how nature intended it.

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Koa Cribbage Board  "Lehua" - SOLD  

 With a little imagination  this board almost looks like rain falling over Hilo Bay...

cribbageboard_092201_2c.jpg (14078 bytes)  cribbageboard_092201_2b.jpg (160436 bytes)  cribbageboard_092201_2d.jpg (13647 bytes)
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The "Giant" Cribbage Board - "Rainbow Warrior" SOLD 11/23/01
Size: 28 1/2" x 4 1/4" x 1"   
  cribbageboard102801_2H.jpg (9468 bytes)  cribbageboard102801_2I.jpg (12665 bytes) 
If you have a "BIG" cribbage board in mind, this is it!  This Board is incredible. Nice curl around al the edges, a beautiful unique curl pattern on the top ( we could not bring it over us to drill the holes for the pegs in that area), and nice banding.  All the patterns of Koa in one Board.  This one will for sure spark that "where did you get that" question.  

cribbageboard102801_2B.jpg (12309 bytes)  cribbageboard102801_2C.jpg (14081 bytes)  cribbageboard102801_2D.jpg (12394 bytes)  cribbageboard102801_2J.jpg (11567 bytes)  cribbageboard102801_2E.jpg (13001 bytes)
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 Koa Cribbage Board  "Kahuna" - SOLD
"Tiger tail" curl wraps around this "one of a kind" board.  
13.5" long, 3 1/2" wide, 1" high

cribbageboard080901a2.jpg (167782 bytes)  cribbageboard080901a3.jpg (176200 bytes)

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Curly Koa Cribbage Board  "The BIG Kahuna" - SOLD
Beautiful Koa Banding and nice curl make this HUGE board definitely "talked about". 
28" long, 6 1/4" wide, 1" high
cribbageBigKahunaA1.jpg (173878 bytes)  cribbageBigKahunaA3.jpg (135548 bytes)
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Extreme Curly Koa Cribbage Board "The Tiger Tail" SOLD
cribbage1.JPG (6874 bytes)  cribbage2.JPG (9103 bytes)  cribbage1b.JPG (3836 bytes)
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Koa Cribbage Board  "Blond Mahina" SOLD
This cribbage board represents the "blond" side of Koa. 
  cribbageboard_092201_1b.jpg (135008 bytes)
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18.5" long, 3 3/4" wide, 1" high (includes 6 Koa pegs)
Curly Koa Cribbage Board  "Banded Beauty I" SOLD
This one is a beautifully banded cribbage board with a range of colors are in the brown tones.
  cribbageboard_092201_3a.jpg (171708 bytes)
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15" long, 5" wide, 1" high (includes 6 Koa pegs)

Tigertail Supreme - SOLD

   cribbage032002A6.jpg (69730 bytes)

Beautiful "Tigertail" Cribbage Board.    This extreme curly Koa is one of the most desired Koa Woods available.. and it is so rare to get... This cribbage board will definitely get talked about...

Rainbow Dreams

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This cribbage board has a rainbow of patterns.  From Tigertail Curl, to flame, to lace, to bubbles...just georgous... 

Customer Feedback: 
..."I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the cribbage board, which arrived well in advance of Christmas.  My husband absolutely loves it.   He and I were both blown away by how exquisite it is.  It really is a work of art.  Please share our enthusiasm and our thanks with the craftsman.  And many thanks to you for all your help and
wonderful customer service!" ...
- Kate H., Durham, NC

..."I received the cribbage board earlier this week.  It is beautiful.  Thank you.  Lisa..."