Koa Wood Pipes
A gift from the tropical rainforest of Hawaii!
A gift from the tropical rainforest of Hawaii!
Made in Volcano Village
Koa wood is one of the rarest hardwoods in the world and only found in Hawaii.  Only the finest quality of Koa is utilized for the creation of this unique pipes.  The unique patterns of curly Koa make each pipe truly a "one of a kind"  treasure.  We refined our production process (all by hand) and therefore are able to offer them to you for much less then before.

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pipe1.JPG (7604 bytes)The perfect gift for someone that collects little pipes.  The beauty of Koa Wood will make this a great addition to your collection.  At the same time it is fully functional, and perfect when you just want to smoke a "little".  


pipe2.JPG (7140 bytes) This hand carved and hand finished pipe is made of premium curly Koa Wood, and it's ergonomic design fits comfortable in the palm of your hand. 

Item # KWP- 3
Dimension approximately 3 1/2" x 1"
New Low price


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pipe4.JPG (7567 bytes)
Item # KWP- 7   $48.00   SOLD OUT

approximately 5 1/2 x 1 1/4"
This regular size pipe will please any serious smoker.  Each pipe is truly unique and will be the center of conversation when you pull it out of your pocket.  Like all our pipes, this one is also hand carved and hand finished .


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