Moon Goddess Koa "Wish Lantern"
A gift from the tropical rainforest of Hawaii!

Made in Volcano Village

Made in Volcano Village
Koa wood is one of the rarest hardwoods in the world and only found in Hawaii.  Only the finest quality of Koa is utilized for the creation of this unique lantern. The unique patterns of curly Koa make each lantern truly a "one of a kind"  treasure.

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Item #
MGL-B12 - with Blue Art Glass

Item # MGL-G12 - with Green Art Glass
Reg. $ 795.00
SALE $625.00
(limited time introductory offer)
Roof Dimension 12" x 12"
Approximate height: 14 1/2"

The perfect gift for someone that could use the fulfillment of a wish. 

"Since the ancient times "Lanterns" are lights to attract and lead the Goddess of the Moon to the Earth, so that the goddess would be able to hear and grant the request of the earthly people".

Each lantern is totally handmade right in the historic Village of Volcano by a husband / wife artist team, Ken and Bea Arnopole.  The wood for each lantern is hand selected for its specific beauty and criteria.  The Artist Glass surrounding the top interior portion and hiding the light bulb is of highest quality.  The lantern's final finish made with 100% Hawaiian bees wax is hand-rubbed and hand-polished. 

110 V / 12 V
Uses bulbs up to 25W
* Allow approx. 2 weeks for delivery

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The wish placed inside the lantern is guarded by a Koa dragon, so only the Moon Goddess will have access to it.

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The year 2000 is the "Year of the Dragon"


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