Koa Wood Chess Boards
Let the wood inspire your next move-
There are some magnificent chess piece sets out there,
we make the chess board to match.

Volcano Gallery, P.O. Box 699, Volcano Village, Hawaii 96785


Koa Wood Chess Board with Curly Maple Wood
- A true collector show piece -

Chess Board

Made to order on the Big Island of Hawaii

Regulation 2 1/4" squares
The board is made either with Koa and Maple or Koa and Mango, depending on availability.  Both look very stunning, and we guarantee you will be happy with it.
The board is approximately 21" square overall.

Checker board corner detail


 Item #  WW101- Koa Wood Chess Board
(without game pieces - board only)

$625.00  SALE $545.00

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery as most times chess boards are made to order or are sold as soon as they come out of production.  If you need it faster, please contact us via phone at 808-987-0920 as we may by chance have one that is already in production or just finished one and it has not sold yet. If at all possible we will be happy to try to get it done by when you need it.  

The shipping charge from Hawaii to the Mainland is about $45 - $50 ( at cost ) given the size and weight of the shipped item, but may vary due to your zipcode.   We can ship via Postal Service and Federal Express and will be happy to quote exact shipping cost.

Handmade Petroglyph Chess Pieces
Made in Hawaii!

Chess Set made with SILVER, BRONZE, & KOA !!
Please EMAIL US and asked to be notified
when the new design is available, and we will be happy to let you know.

Handmade Petroglyph Chess Pieces - Made in Hawaii!

Chess Set made with SILVER, BRONZE, KOA !!
Please EMAIL US and asked to be notified
when the new design is available, and we will be happy to let you know.

--- Koa Wood Checkerboards and Checkers ---

We also make a checkerboard In the same elegant style as the chess board. The difference is the individual squares are (regulation) 1-7/8" for an overall size of approximately 18" square.

Checker pieces are not included.

 Item #  WW102 - Koa Wood Checker Board

Handmade Hardwood checkers, full set of 12 dark and 12 light.  Finished in lacquer.

 Item #  WW102CH
Hardwood Checkers
$125.00 set

As with the rest of our work, all chess and checkerboards are made and finished by hand in our woodworker's shop on the Island of Hawaii.

Customer Feedback:
Received the chessboard in excellent shape! 
Very, very beautiful! I just love the chessboard!

Ku'ulei Stockman, Stockman Travel Corp.


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