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* Here are the newest pictures of the rocks that where returned. 
 We started using a "penny" in each picture to give you an idea of the size of the rocks returned...

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2001_43.jpg (9741 bytes)Received June, 2001
2001_59.jpg (27566 bytes) Received 7/1/01
Please return the black sand and lava rocks for me.
T&B T, Beavercreek, OH
2001_44.jpg (11071 bytes)
A bottle of green and black sand
Received July 24, 2001
R.A., Spring Valley, CA
2001_45.jpg (11219 bytes)
Received 7/21/01
J.C., Ontario - Canada
2001_46.jpg (6112 bytes)Received 07/15/01
"Someone told me to take this lava rock home to Canada & then told me it is supposed to bring me bad luck.  IT HAS for 4 years now.  Sorry...and thank you for help"
2001_47.jpg (7460 bytes)
Received 7/18/01
I've had this lava rock since 1987 & have not had any what I would call "bad luck".  I believe I picked it up in Kauai while hiking.  Recently one of my dogs, a gorgeous black Labrador retriever found the rock & began chewing it, breaking it into these pieces.  He was recently diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis & is facing throat surgery so that he can breathe properly.  I never thought about the lava rock until this week when it happened to be talking with a friend who just returned from a visit to Kauai.  Please return it with my apologies.  We could sure use some good luck.
2001_48.jpg (128702 bytes) Received 7/18/01
An envelope full of black sand ( = ground lava rock)!
"This is an emergency"...Please return this sand to the Big Isalnd - my life has gone to hell since I brought it home in 1996 - I just found out its bad luck to take the black sand or Volcano Rock, etc.. Please, this is not a hoax ..can someone return it to the beach for me? Please help me!  I would have never taken it had I known that it was bad luck - I am at my wits end.  Thank you very much!  Patty
2001_50.jpg (161737 bytes)

Received 8/18/01
L.H., So. Milwaukee, WI

2001_49.jpg (148998 bytes)
Received 8/03/01
Seattle, WA
2001_53.jpg (262047 bytes)
Received 8/9/2001
Spring Lake, New Jersey
2001_39.jpg (14367 bytes)
Received 8/14/01
"Please return these rocks that we received as a gift from a friend.  We have had plenty of bad luck - broken arm, dog hit by car - broken water lines...etc."  Thank You. H.P. Bay City, MI
2001_40.jpg (7857 bytes)
Received 8/11/01
" I am so glad we have somewhere to send these...!  One was a gift from well meaning friends (don't know which island, but probably HI), and one (against all our efforts not to), came home with our luggage (Maui).  Please welcome them home." M&J V A, Anchorage, AK
2001_42.jpg (18319 bytes)
Received 08/16/01
S.C., Thornhill, Ontario -Canada
2001_41.jpg (14001 bytes)
Received 8/13/01
R.R., Ralleigh, NC
2001_57.jpg (19412 bytes)
 Received 09/04/01, FR, Calgary, CANADA
2001_56.jpg (233842 bytes) Received 09/07/01
My son brought this lava rock not knowing about the bad luck to come.  Please return the rock respectfully to its proper place and beg Pele for forgiveness.  Mahalo Nui Loa.   The C. Family, Westminster, CA
2001_51.jpg (265263 bytes)
Received 9/7/01
Lava Rock & some Black Sand
Dear Hawaii, Please return this lava rock to the goddess.  We made a mistake by taking them.  Thank You, GD&JS, Huntsville, AL
2001_55.jpg (274813 bytes) Received 09/07/2001
This little beauty was given to me several years ago by someone who visited your islands.  I believe that she came from a place of sanctuary or from a park that is considered holy.  When she was handed to me I felt her crying to return "home".  over the years I have tried to arrange a trip to Hawaii with my husband to return her unsuccessful.  Attempts to find someone going to Hawaii with the right understanding of the situation was also fruitless.  I told one of the students at my school about my sad little rock and he gave me your website.  Imagine my happiness (and the little lava rock's).  Thank you so much for taking care of her for me.  She has lived in my prayer room these few years - while the one who innocently took her has been having one long string of bad luck.  God bless you and may Pele be blessed with the return of one of her children.
2001_52.jpg (261636 bytes)
Received 10/4/2001
Lava God!  I am Sorry.. Please forgive me. I hope your life changes for better.  Jeff, Bethany, OK
2001_54.jpg (264078 bytes)Received 10/09/2001
P.S., San Marcos, CA 
In 1993 P.S. Took this lava rock from Hawaii during a vacation to the island.  He was unaware of the legend of Pele and that the removal of the rock was disrespectful to Pele and the island culture.  Having just returned to Hawaii I mentioned this belief that removing pieces of the islands could result in bad luck.  Upon hearing this he confessed that he had a piece of lava rock which he took during a vacation to Hawaii following his high-school graduation.  After hearing of the legend he agreed the  rock should be returned to Pele and the Island of Hawaii.  We appreciate your assistance in return this rock to its rightful home.  U.M., Rutherford, NJ
2001_72.jpg (147983 bytes)  Received 10/09/01
This rock was not taken out of disrespect, but is being returned with all respect due the goddess, D. 
2001_73.jpg (144473 bytes)  Received 10/10/01
I took this lava rock from the Maui State Park not knowing or thinking of the history behind it.  I was just hoping to take a piece of Maui back from our Honeymoon.  I learned some things should just be left to there history!  Please accept our apologies.  I'm glad that I was able to learn more about the great spirituality with the Hawaiian Lava Rock.  Thanks, M&M, Chesterfield, Michigan
2001_58.jpg (221648 bytes)
Received 10/18/01   
Please accept these rocks back and I also return all the bad luck they have given me.  Thank You! L.M., Grand Rapids, MI 
2001_60.jpg (28776 bytes) Received 10/16/01
Dear Hawaiian Fire Goddess, Pele,
Please accept my deepest apology for wanting to treasure a piece of your beauty.  I am returning with love these lava rocks that I got when I visited Hawaii on my honeymoon in April of 2000.  My marriage has now ended with much sadness.  I was cleaning up my belonging, I remembered I had these.  I am sorry for removing your island beauty to the main land.  New Jersey is not a paradise like Hawaii.  I am sure they will be glad to be back on their native land.  My heartfelt apology for my lack of respect. B.J., Passaic, New Jersey
2001_61.jpg (170058 bytes)  Received 10/22/01
The Ss'., Houston, Texas
2001_70.jpg (179298 bytes)  Received 10/27/01
 Plymouth, N.H. 

2001_74a.jpg (166458 bytes)2001_74b.jpg (190885 bytes)2001_74c.jpg (174724 bytes)Received 11/5/01
Lava Rock, Green and Black Sand/Gravel from Hawaii
Please return to Pele, A.H. Morgan Hill, California 

2001_66.jpg (195327 bytes)  Received 11/8/01
Bethany, OK
2001_65.jpg (171732 bytes)   Received 11/13/01
W.D., Morro Bay, California
2001_71.jpg (143547 bytes) Received 11/24/01
A friend returned from Hawaii a couple of months ago and she brought me this stone from the beach.  I was informed that volcanic stones shouldn't be removed from Hawaii because of bad luck that may follow.  I would like to return this rock to its origin and ask that you perform the necessary ritual in order to prevent bad luck from occurring...C.M. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. 
2001_69.jpg (154210 bytes) Received 11/20/01
2001_67.jpg (144060 bytes)  Received 12/04/01
Please take this rock and take care of it.  All I have had is bad luck, so I found it and don't want anymore bad luck.  NRT, Bethany, OK
2001_62.jpg (155845 bytes)  Received 12/10/01
Thank you for your assistance in returning the black sand.  I brought it home from a trip in 1996.  I haven't really had any bad luck, but why take a chance any longer?  Thank again, A.B., Pembroke Pines, Florida
  Received 12/14/01  
Black Sand in a glass vessel   
Please return this black sand back to Black Sand Beach with my sincere apologies for taking it.  I was there in 1989 and took this sand.  I figured I had made an equal trade with the Gods due to the fact I almost drowned that day while swimming.  I got caught in the undertow and when I finally came up I was bleeding from several scrapes I received on the bottom while caught in the riptide.  However, at the time I as in the Marine Corps and in great physical condition.  In 1989, my health has gotten increasingly worse over the years.  I have problems that people don't get until much later in life.  I am a 38 year old mother of a ten year old daughter and I would like to stick around for her for years to come..  My husband, who is not superstitious, thinks it might be this sand.  I am beginning to believe it myself.  It has been next to my bed for years now.   Please, if you can do anything to help me, I would appreciate it so much.  I would love to have some good luck again and be healthy.  Please ask Pele for my forgiveness and tell her I will retune one day to pay my respects.  Sincerely, C.R., Bonsali, CA
2001_64.jpg (10962 bytes)
2001_63.jpg (10264 bytes)  Received 12/17/01
We visited the Big island of Hawaii in November of this year.  We brought back with us a small piece of volcano rock.  After we arrived back home we learned that the volcano rocks from Hawaii are not to be removed from the island.  We are therefore returning the rock to Hawaii.  It would be very kind of you if you could return the rock to its original homeland.  your help is much appreciated.  Please accept our thanks in advance..V.K.V, Memphis, TN
2001_68.jpg (153684 bytes)  Received 12/20/01
Enclosed is lava rock my mother brought home from Hawaii in 1977. I am returning it in hope of changing my brother's family lack of good fortune.  When we speak of him and his family we always say the only luck they have is bad.  Serious health and financial problems...I have just lost my job and share some financial burden of my elderly parents.  Thank you for your help in returning our good fortune, Sincerely, BAS, Yardley, Pensylvania
2001_75.jpg (13331 bytes) Received 12/29/01
This Lava Rock came from Haleakala Crater which is located on Maui, Hawaii.  Please accept these lava rocks and kindly return them to their rightful lands.  My wife and I got them at the Haleakala National Park visitor center near the summit.  If you cannot bring them back to their original location, I trust you'll bring them to Pele's home.  Thank you for doing this great service for my wife and I.  I mailed these rocks priority mail in the hopes that they get put back as soon as possible.  Thank you so much.  

..."Dear Madam Pele", I am writing this letter in the hopes  that you will forgive my wife and I for removing these lava rocks from your sacred grounds.  We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon;  we were married on September 30, 2000.
Our first island was Maui.  We arrived in Kahului on the 1st of October.  We only stayed on Maui until the 3rd, but we got around to see much of the island, including Haleakala National Park.  

While visiting Haleakala, we thought it would be a neat little treasure to bring home some lava rocks.  We got them from right outside the Haleakala visitor center near the summit.  The remainder of our four-island honeymoon went well, so I thought.  While on Kauai, my camera broke!  I imagine this was a sign trying to tell us something. 

We didn't know of the legend of taking lava rocks until we got home and saw a show from Hawaii that talked about this.  They said that a tour bus driver started the rumor to help keep hi bus cleaner.  My wife and I joked about how we should mail them back because of our bad luck.  We never did.  Now a year and three months later, I am.

I've been out of work for 5 1/2 months this year.  My wife has worked only two months since our wedding.  Our financial status is very bleak.  So on and so forth.

When I finally said I was going to ship the rocks back, my wife chuckled.  I had to explain all of our bad luck since visiting Hawaii and taking the lava rocks, and then she agreed.

We had planned on returning to Hawaii to renew our wedding vows on our second wedding anniversary, but I know we cannot afford it now.  As a promise to you, I guarantee that we will return to visit you when our luck turns around.  Please accept these rocks, still in the same containers as the day we first took them, and return them to your native lands.  I hope you can forgive my wife and I for using such bad judgment when we took your treasures.

Mahalo and A hui hou
D&J B., Washington, Massachusetts.



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