flowersCare Instructions

Nature has made the Hawaiian rainforest flowers absolutely beautiful. Our purpose is to preserve this beauty and deliver you a perfect flower. The information provided here will help guide you in the care of your tropical flowers to assure you weeks of enjoyment. Also provided is a photo of your floral arrangement to follow, or create your own design. With flowers so beautiful itís impossible to make a mistake!


For Cut Flowers:


  1. Unpack your flowers immediately! Please keep away from any heat.
  1. Trim up to Ĺ inch off the stems and submerge entire blossoms for 10 to 15 minutes in 60 to 80 degree F water. For orchids, submerge for only 5 minutes.
  1. If you do not plan on arranging the flowers right away, place flowers in a container of water to keep them fresh. If you are ready to arrange, continue on the next step.


To re-create one of our floral examples. Fill the vase with water so that the floral foam (if provided) is totally submerged. Add the flower food and continue to add water until the floral foam is completely saturated. This may take a few minutes. Now youíre ready to begin your arrangement.

A helpful tip to get started is to find the central largest flower in the design. Cut this flower to the desired length (this will be the tallest flower in your arrangement) and position in floral foam. Then proceed to arrange the other flowers around it, from the largest to the smallest, again cutting the stems to the lengths needed. Continue until all flowers are positioned as shown. Make any adjustments but try not to damage foam with too many holes. Finally, insert the greens. You now have a beautiful tropical floral arrangement that you can enjoy for weeks!

Locate flower arrangement in an area that is free of drafts and away from heat sources. Moisten flowers daily with a mist to prevent dehydration. For added flower life, recut stems once a week.

For Potted Plants:

ORCHIDS - Phalaenopsis: The Phalaenopsis Orchid will bloom once a year, with the elegant spray of flowers lasting up to eight weeks. Bright indirect or filtered light is ideal. Try to give maximum hours of daylight, especially during short winter days. Keep evenly moist by watering every 5 to 7 days depending on medium and pot size. Water early in the day to allow plant to dry off by nightfall. Allow water to run through the pot and drain excess water off. Never allow plant to sit in water. Fertilize with every watering with a balanced (20-20-20) fertilizer at the recommended strength. Every few weeks, flush plants with plain water to rinse out fertilizer or mineral salts. Re-pot once a year in later spring during active root and leaf growth in medium of your choice. Select pot size based on size of root system, not leaf size.

Dendrobium/Oncidium: These orchids prefer filtered light, humid and warm conditions. Place plant near a window with morning or late afternoon sun. Normal room temperatures are ideal. Water when medium is dry to the touch or about two times a week. Fertilize once a month with commercial foliar orchid fertilizer. With proper care these orchids will flower several times a year. Flower sprays will last for approximately 60 days.

ANTHURIUMS - After unpacking your plant, water thoroughly with room temperature water. Place the plant in bright direct light. Ideal temperatures range from 75 to 95 degrees F. Avoid cold drafts. Your anthurium plant contains enough fertilizer for the first three months. Fertilize after this time with a balanced time release formula such as Osmocote 13.5-13.5-13.5, or a weak solution of Miracle Grow. When flowers begin to look old, cut them off at the base of the stem. Your anthurium plant will keep blooming indefinitely.