Original Hawaiian Chocolate ® 

Cocoa Blossom

Pods full of cocoa beans grow directly from the trunk and branches of the 10'-12' trees. 

Cocoa in Hawaii?

Cocoa is a wondeful new agricultural crop to grow in Hawaii.  Besides Coffee and Vanilla, it is becoming one of the most popular items you just have to try when visiting Hawaii.

All the Cocoa that goes into our limited edition chocolate is grown on the West side of the Big Island on a small family farm that grows and processes the cocoa beans right on site.  The Cocoa never leaves the Island, so we offer you real Local "Bean to Bar" Chocolate. 

We use this special chocolate for all our baked treats, including for our limited edition "Edible Art" chocolate bars that are hand-poured and the best chocolate you can find in Hawaii.  Give us a try!  You will Love it !!  

Young Cocoa Pods

As they ripen over a five-month period of time the pods go through a colorful evolution from green to yellow or deep maroon to candy apple red. 

Mature Cocoa Pods

The ripe pods are then handpicked and sliced open. 

Harvested Cocoa Pods

The ripe cocoa pods come in a variety of colors.. so beautiful! 

Cocoa Seeds fresh out of the Pod

Inside each pod are beans covered with white mucilage that looks and tastes nothing like chocolate.

Lots of seeds needed ... 

After extracting the cocoa beans they are fermented in slatted wooden boxes.

Drying of Cocoa Seeds

The beans are then spread out and slowly dried on racks in our Hawaiian sun for 22-28 days

About the Cocoa Farm: 

The Big Island of Hawaii is home of Original Hawaiian Chocolate  - the only chocolate of its kind in the world!

Beginning in 1997 our friends, Bob & Pam,  have dedicated to create the most delicious and unique of chocolates - Hawaiian made and grown. There is something about the volcanic soil, Island showers and tropical Hawaiian sun that blesses the cacao trees with a unique flavor that is world-renowned.

Bob & Pam are the first producers to grow and process all-Hawaiian chocolate anywhere on earth. They process only Big Island grown cocoa beans. Their  processing factory is completely self-contained, assuring total quality control from the fields to the final chocolate bars.

There is only ONE chocolate grown, harvested, processed and packaged in Hawaii Original Hawaiian Chocolate. We invite you to experience our exceptionally unique chocolate. America's own! And remember, Chocolate is Aloha!

Our final Product..