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Volcano Village at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Big Island of Hawaii


Aloha Candy
100% Hawaiian  Chocolate Bars, Hawaiian Chocolate Truffles, Hawaiian Cookies, Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts, Candies, and more..

Artisan made Gifts with
the True Taste of Hawaii

"The Best Thing in
Volcano since Fire"

We are Artisan small-batch Bakery & Chocolatier in Volcano Village
on the Big Island of Hawaii and only use only 100% Hawaiian Chocolate made from
Big Island Grown Cocoa Beans.  "The Best thing in Volcano since Fire"!


Our fresh baked crunchy cookies are so delicious and just irresistible .  Each cookie is packed individually to seal in the freshness and amazing flavor.


Aloha Smile Cookies
This is the cookie that started Aloha Candy Co.,  What a great way to give someone a smile, congratulate them, or just wish them well and a happy day!

Original Hawaiian Chocolate Chunk Cookies made with 100% Hawaiian Chocolate from single source Kona Hawaii grown Cocoa Beans.
Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Cookies made with 100% Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts from the West Side of the Big Island of Hawaii .  ( Also avaialble:Hawaiian Chocolate/Mac Nut Cookies )
Hawaiian Cocoa Bean CookiesHawaiian Coco Bean Cookies made with 100% Hawaiian Cocoa Beans grown on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Sugar Crunch Cookies made with 100% Hawaiian Cane Sugar and Hawaiian Vanilla form the Hamakua Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Cookies Assortment Box ..
Our Best Seller.. 1 Dozen assorted large fresh baked Hawaiian Cookies, individually packaged in a beautiful premium gift box. ( 2 ea. Chocolate Chunk, 2 ea. Macadamia Nut, 2 each Hawaiian Chocolate Macadamia Nut, 2 ea. Cocoa Bean, 2 ea. Hawaiian Cane Sugar Crunch, 2 each Aloha Smile Cookies).

Also available in BITE SIZE COOKIES . 

Hawaiian Vanilla & Hawaiian Sugar


Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts





  • 100% Hawaiian Cocoa Beans 
    (Use for cooking, baking, sprinkle on your favorite desert, and even great for beer making).  




 Hawaiian Gift Baskets
and Gift Boxes


All our Gourmet Hawaiian Gift Baskets are hand selected from the finest local products to bring the Hawaiian ALOHA into the recipients home and heart.  We can make custom baskets with a personal selection for just you and welcome conference orders for all islands.  We even match your company colors with the decorations if you like. 

Coming Soon:
with Chocolates, Truffles, Caramel, and more..

Hawaiian "Good Luck" Puolo
( Local Treat Assortment) 
( Hawaii Delivery Only - Special Order Item )
* also available for conferences

Hawaiian Chocolate Truffles :

Coming Soon:

All our Gourmet Hawaiian Truffles are handmade with 100% Pure Single Source Hawaiian Chocolate from the Big Island of Hawaii.

We currently offer these delicious flavors: 

  • Hawaiian Golden Rum Truffles
  • Hawaiian 155 Rum & Cherry Truffles

  • Amaretto Truffles

  • Grand Marnier Truffles

  • Pina Colada Truffles

  • Hawaiian Cocoa Bean Truffles

  • Hawaiian Lilikoi Truffles


Pure Hawaiian Chocolate:

Coming Soon:

    100% Hawaiian Chocolate Turtles
    • Hawaiian Dark Chocolate
    • Hawaiian Milk Chocolate
    100% Hawaiian Chocolate Bars  
    • Hawaiian Dark Chocolate
      • Plain Chocolate
      • Macadamia Nuts
      • Cocoa Beans
    • Hawaiian Milk Chocolate
      • Plain Chocolate
      • Macadamia Nuts
      • Cocoa Beans
    100% Hawaiian Chocolate Covered Marshmallows  
    • Hawaiian Milk Chocolate
      • Plain
      • Hawaiian Cane Sugar
      • Colorful Sprinkles
    • Hawaiian Dark Chocolate
      • Plain
      • Hawaiian Cane Sugar
      • Colorful Sprinkles




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100% Hawaiian Chocolate


Chocolate T


acadamia Nuts


Hawaiian Cookies

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Rainbow Moon Bakery / Volcano Coffee House

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Most Recent

Dear Beate!

We were in your store, me and my husband from the Netherlands(but we live in Sweden) and bought some Chocolate covered macadamia nuts and chocolate hearts as presents for our family.
A bit later than I wanted but as I promised a little feedback from my relatives about your chocolate:   They loved it! Especially the chocolate covered nuts were favorites!
So as soon as we have enough money again to go on holiday to Hawai'i we'll be coming by again for some more sweet things :)
Best regards,
Juliette and Michiel Smulders, from Östhammar, Sweden. 


All our Cookies, Candies, and Treats are made with Premium Pure Hawaiian Vanilla, Hawaiian Sugar, Original 100% Hawaiian Chocolate made from Cocoa Beans grown in Hawaii,
100% Hawaiian Grown Macadamia Nuts, Hawaiian Eggs, Real Butter.
NO Preservatives.


We specialize in including the finest Premium Hawaiian Ingredients in our delicious crunchy gourmet cookies, candies, and other amazing treats to bring you the
"True Taste of the Hawaii", a perfect gift for anyone.

Aloha Candy Co. is home of the Original "Aloha Smile Cookie"™  that will brighten anyone's day!



We are an artisan family operation located in Volcano Village, right next to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii.  All our treats are prepared in
small batches the old fashioned way, and individually hand-made, one at a time. 
Some people say our treats are the best thing in Volcano since Fire.  Give them a try! 
Enjoy the true taste of HAWAII with us.

Mahalo for visiting our Store.  

We appreciate your business and hope to meet you some day in Volcano Village. 

When on the island don't miss stopping by our cookie & candy store showroom.

Ken and Beate Arnopole
Owners, Aloha Candy Co.

The finest candies, cookies, and chocolate treats for a luxurious Hawaiian tasting experience.

Hawaii Pure Hawaiian Vanilla Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts Hawaiian Cocoa and Chocolate

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