Solid Koa Wood Pens
and Segmented Exotic Wood Pens
Collector Koa Wood Pens
Handmade in Volcano Village, Hawaii
Designed and created by artist husband and wife team Ken and Beate Arnopole.

Standard Koa Pen    Fine Curly Koa Pen   Curly Koa & Segmented Pen    Full Segmented Pen

Our solid Koa Wood and Segmented Exotic Wood Pens are collector quality writing instruments that have style, and beauty.  Handcrafted in Volcano Village on the Big Island of Hawaii each Koa Wood Pen brings Aloha into the hands of it's owner.  Our Collector Koa Pens are made with the extremely rare "Premium  Koa Wood" from the Big Island of Hawaii. Styles range from solid Koa Pens to stunning segmented designs from a combination of other rare tropical hardwoods, including Koa Wood.  
* Custom Plaques and display stands available for Corporate or Event / Conference Gifts

Fancy Curly Koa Pen:

Curly Koa Pen with 24K Gold Plated & Chrome Hardware. Item #KP-C
This is a "twist to open" Ball Point Pen.
Reg. $115 ea.   Limited time SALE: $95.00

Select Item:                                                               Specify Qty:

          Curly Koa Pen                                $95.00    Qty: 

Leather Pen Pouch / Carrying Case          $10.00    Qty: 

Leatherette Gift Box w/ Gold Trim             $12.50    Qty: 

Black Wood Desktop Display Case          $35.00    Qty: 


Curly Koa & Segmented Design Collector Pen:

Supreme Solid Wood & Segmented Design Ballpoint Pen - A True Piece of Art 
 Each Pen is "One of a Kind".  24K Gold Plated & Chrome Fancy Hardware
Luxurious Black Ebony, Maple, Purple Heart, TrueStone
Turquoise and
of course, Curly Koa. 
Reg. $195 ea.   Limited time SALE: $175.00

Select Item:                                                               Specify Qty:

          Curly Koa & Segmented Pen  $175.00      Qty: 

Leather Pen Pouch  / Carrying Case           $10.00    Qty: 

Leatherette Gift Box  w/ Gold Trim              $12.50    Qty: 

Black Wood Desktop Display Case           $35.00    Qty: 


Full Segmented Design Collector Pen
with Curly Koa Accents:

Supreme Solid Wood Segmented Design Ballpoint Pen - A True Piece of Art 
 Each Pen is "One of a Kind".  24K Gold Plated & Chrome "Fancy" Hardware
Luxurious Black Ebony, Maple, Purple Heart, TrueStone
Turquoise and
of course, Curly Koa. 
Reg. $245 ea.   Limited time SALE: $225.00

Select Items:                                                               Specify Qty:

Curly Koa & Segmented Pen  $225.00    Qty: 

Leather Pen Pouch                 $10.00    Qty: 

Leatherette Gift Box                $12.50    Qty: 

Black Wood Display Case     $35.00    Qty: 

Each Pen is a handcrafted collector pen and finished with a lustrous high end  polish that enhances the beauty of each pen.    Each Koa Wood Pen is unique and one of a kind.  Small variations from the design shown are normal, but we will guarantee that you will love you pen.   Customer Satisfaction is our highest priority. 

Our pens are featuring one of a kind unique patterns of Koa Wood ( curly and/or select quality) and other rare exotic hardwoods, as well as True Stone Turquoise, Malachite, Lapis, and Gold in Quartz. All our pens have a distinctive elegant designs in the nib, center and finial rings which are carried over onto the robust clip and the top of the finial. 

The larger body fits comfortably in your hand for easy writing.  All our pens feature a high quality, long lasting mechanism and readily available Parker or Cross style refill and use a premium double twist mechanism for flawless smooth action.  The luxurious 24GP gold design elements are contrasted by chrome. 

The segmented pens shown in this pictures are all tropical hardwood without the True Stone
Accents.   The pen on the top left was made with Maple, Ebony, and Brass Accents.

Pen w/ brass accent - Currently SOLD OUT
ALL WOOD Segmented Pen / Koa Combo $185.00 - CALL TO ORDER
ALL WOOD Full Segmented Pen w/ Koa $225.00 - CALL TO ORDER

Our "Big Kahuna Alii Pen", a big bodied pen that fits comfortable in your hand for easy writing, and large enough to not get lost on a desk top or in a purse.   Our new Deluxe and Premier pens feature high quality, long lasting mechanisms and are available in 24K GP and 24GP and Chrome accents.   

 Each Koa Wood Pen is unique. 
  Koa Wood is a very rare hardwood and is only found in Hawaii.  Each pen is polished  to a high luster to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.  A perfect gift that is functional, useful, usable, and beautiful at the same time.  

All our Koa Wood Pens are are hand-turned in our small woodshop right in Volcano Village. 
Our Master woodworker Ken" has a passion for creating beautiful things made of Koa Wood.  Each of these Koa pens have a superior finish that enhances the beautiful patterns of the Koa Wood, making this gift a unique treasure from Hawaii.

Each Koa Wood Pen takes Parker or Cross refills.

Corporate and Event / Conference Gift Orders Welcome.
Perfect for Corporate Gifts, Retirement Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Anniversary Gifts,
Graduation Gifts, or for just that special gift to tell someone you care about them.

Additional Koa Wood Pen Photos:




"Arnopole Collector Pens"
Volcano Gallery
Volcano Village, Hawaii

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Add a Black Maple Wood / Glass Display Case that is the perfect match
for such a beautiful pen $35.00 

Add a leather carrying case
 ( + $10.00) .

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Add a Deluxe Black Wood Glass Case
to make your pen a truly spectacular gift. 
+ $35.00 ( included with our Deluxe Pens)

- Click on picture for larger view -

Custom Engraved plaques available for glass display case.

We can also make custom Koa Stands for the pens that a plaque can be attached to.

Custom requests always welcome!










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