Hand-turned Natural Edge 
Koa Wood Bowls

Hawaiian Natural Edge Bowls
These Hawaiian Style natural edge bowls are "one-of-a-kind" collector items

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"Hawaiian Natural Edge Style"    10" wide, 2-4" tall bowl


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This bowl is approx. 10" diameter, varies from 2" - 4" high, and  has some very nice curl on one side of the bowl.  It is a beauty!   Perfect to use as a display bowl or fruit bowl,    This bowl has a beautiful color and a superior finish that brings out the beauty of the wood.  Natural Edge bowls usually are a lot more expensive than the regular Hawaiian Calabash Style bowls, but this one is a great value at  only $345.00 

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More Natural Edge Bowls:

Our natural edge bowls are hand-turned by our master wood-turner Ed right here on the Big Island.

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Bowl #17     
8" High X 12" Diameter     $750.00   

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Bowl # 37 -    7" x  X 14"        $1,150.00

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Bowl # 43    7" X 14"         $1,750.00

In Stock - as of 10/30/03

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# 24 Bottom Right   Waiawi 5" x 14" $2,500
# 37 Bottom Left     Koa  7" x 14" $1,150
  larger photo of #37 on upper right of this page
# 43 Back Left   Koa 7" x 14" 1,750
  larger photo of #43 on upper right of this page
# 31 Back Middle   Koa 9" x 18" $1,200
# 32 Back Right  Koa 7" x 18" $1,200

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