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of Hawaii
Facts and Figures:
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The Big Island of Hawaii:

  • The youngest of all of the Hawaiian Islands.  Just over 1 million years old.

  • Island Size:
    4,038 square miles (and still growing). = 63% of the total land of the Hawaiian Islands.  All the other Hawaiian Islands could fit into the Big Islands more than two times over. 

  • Miles of coastline: 266  miles

  • Distance:
    From Northern tip to Southern tip of the island: 95 miles. 
    Distance from the East side to the West side: 80 miles.

  • Highest mountains:  
        Mauna Kea (white mountain) 13,796 feet.
        Mauna Loa (long mountain): 13,677 feet. 
            Length: 60 miles
            Width: 30 miles
            10,000 cubic miles of iron-hard lava
            * the most densest and most massive
               mountain on Earth.

  • Oldest mountain:  
    Kohala Mountains (northwest part of the Big Island of Hawaii.

  • Highest lake in the State:
    Lake Waiau (third highest in the United States).

  • The worlds most active Volcano:
    Kilauea ( The Spewing )
    Currently errupting from one of  Kilauea's vents "Pu'uo".